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  • 07/15/15:  THANKS FROM FOX LAKE (IL)
    I just wanted to personally tell you thanks! The support from the dispatch community nationwide has been incredible. I think it’s what kept most of us upbeat and coming back for what seemed to be endless days. The 911 cares box was awesome. We ambushed a few dispatchers with the foaming hearts as they walked through the door until they were all finally handed out to our team. I appreciate everything that 911 cares has done and continues to do for dispatchers all over the place. Thanks again and take care.  Lindsay Stroberg, FoxComm 911 Center, Fox Lake, IL


    YOU guys really stepped up! Thanks.  We want to thank all of you that have been sending support and appreciation to the Aurora region. The many cities and counties surrounding Aurora and Rural Metro (EMS) really appreciate your support.  A 911 CARES package has already arrived with teddy bears, stress management items and appreciation items. We also know that many cards and letters and flowers and snacks have arrived from all over the nation. WOW, dispatchers helping dispatchers. That's what it is all about!  Kevin and the 911Cares Team
    Thank you so much for all you did for our center in the past few weeks. We appreciate the package you sent, the posts on Facebook and the activation. It meant a lot to all of us.  Thanks again for all you do to help dispatchers in need. It meant a lot to us all.  Thank you!  Tyler Johnson, St. George, Police Communications

    ​I wanted to take a moment to update everyone and say thank you. Jeri is home now and doing great. She will be off work for the next several months, but she is on her way to a full recovery.  I want to thank all of the people, departments, dispatch centers, etc. that came to our rescue at our time of need. Several departments went above and beyond by assisting Jeri and her family in her time of need. Donations of gift cards, gift baskets, currency, reduced motel rates, cards, letters, food, etc. were so well received and helped her family a great deal at their time of need.   I was especially taken back by all of the calls from dispatchers who offered to come in and help cover our center while we were so short staffed. It has been a truly eye opening experience to see our Public Safety family come together to take care of our own.  I have to admit, that prior to this event, I lost sight of the amazing humanistic morality public safety personnel have for one another. At a time when our world seems so out of focus, the men and women in the public safety picked us up, dusted us off and assured us that everything is going to be alright.   To everyone who serves our citizens, works nights, weekends, holidays, etc. You are truly heroes in my book. Thank you and keep it up.   Captain Mike Wilson, Marysville Police Department, 316 6th Street, Marysville, CA 95901


    I wanted to say thanks for posting my cancer benefit and the donation 911 Cares made. I will be having surgery on Nov 2nd to remove part of the colon and more chemo may have to follow. Thanks again for all you guys do at 911 Cares it really makes a difference.--Becky


  • Katrina Relief is still work in progess! A wonderful  letter from the Chief of Police for the City of Ocean Springs, Mississippi 
    I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and all of the 9-1-1 personel for all of your love and support shown to Shawn and Abby through this terrible ordeal.  Shawn has certainly been blessed by friends and caring individuals through this time, just like your group.  I am his mothers youngest sister and know first hand that the past few months have been very difficult on everyone but especially Shawn.   Losing his mother and then Abby’s tragedy is a lot of grief on Shawn at one time.  Please continue to support him in anyway your group can.  On behalf of Shawn and Abby’s family we thank you.   Pam Bacon  (
    Original Activation)

    ​Back in January, my 9-1-1 partner, Tom Turner sent you a message informing you of my sickness. Bottom line; I'm a diabetic, had a bladder infection, blood sugars went crazy and I ended up in the ER on December 28, 2005. After many months of repairs I was released to my home on July 5, 2006. I returned to work at Wayland, MA Police, Fire, EMS on August 15, 2006.  NOW, the reason for this is to thank 911CARES and each and every one of you who sent me get well cards and checks from all over this great country. It's with enormous pride that I can say I'm a 911 dispatcher and work with wonderful collegues who really do care. My macho has been humbled by you and it's through tear filled eyes that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've changed my life forever. The brotherhood of Police officers, Firefighters and their dispatchers IS REAL. THANKS AGAIN!  Wally, Wayland Police 9-1-1

    ​Helen Ebers--our dispatcher from Ralls County at New London was hospitalized with sepsis, and several times the priest was called in for last rites.  Helen will be returning to work for a weekly 4-hour shift throughout the month of August, and then anticipates returning full time in September.  Praise God and thank each and everyone for all their prayers to Him.   The doctors say it was prayer that healed--she is the only survivor at Hannibal Regional hospital with the type of infection she had.  It isn't often that we can share such wonderful news after someone is in a coma for two months, but she looks great and is ready to take her seat at the console.  Becky Leake 

    ​I just wanted to write and tell you guys thank you so very much for all of your help. I was working with Hancock Co Sheriff's Office in MS for Hurricane Katrina and our agency, along with most of dispatchers I suffered a great deal of loss and hardship from the storm. We lost our homes, vehicles and personal items and I believe most of us in some kind of way lost our minds. Lol! It has been an experience of a life time and I don't believe any of us ever want to go through it again. I am no longer with Hancock Co, as I am now working with the Navy in dispatch. Please except this email as a sincere thank you for everything 911 cares and the people did for our dispatchers in Hancock Co. I am deeply sorry for taking so long with this email, life has been very crazy. Again, thank you all so very very much.  Sincerely, Jennifer "Hope" Roche 

    I received a check from you today to help pay for funeral expenses for my daughter Bridget.  I am deeply moved and grateful to you for this incredible gift.  Your donation helps more than you can imagine and your kindness is appreciated more than words can express.  Sincerely,  Rebecca Bluhm
    I just wanted to let everyone know that April is now out of the hospital and is doing great.  The doctors told April to consider herself in remission and that she had a 65% of being cured.  I want to say a big thanks to everyone that kept April in their thoughts and prayers and those that sent cards and gifts.  Thanks, Barbara Coffman, Cumberland County 911

    ​I just wanted to thank you again for the support that your website has provided in this situation.  Enid is still in a coma, struggling every day with the complications that come along with being bedridden and in a coma.  There have not been any changes in her overall condition and we are still going day-by-day in her condition.  Our daughter is doing fantastic, and doing all the things that a almost-one-year-old should be doing.  She has been spending time with my parents, to allow the time necessary to handle all the red-tape in caring for Enid.  We are now working on the plan to bring Alyssa home for good, as the administration of Enid’s care is all in place.  In the original posting, it was said that the greatest need was financial, and that was true, but with all the financial support I received and with Medicaid in place, I can say that this is no longer the greatest needs.  With the help of many generous people and organizations, the financial aspect of my situation is stable again.  I will never forget all of those that supported my family during this situation, and who continue to provide me the support in ways to many to name.  My only wish at this point is that Enid can find her peaceful place, so she can be at ease.  Again, thanks to everyone for being there, when and how I was I needed you to be there.  I Wish You Enough…Jon & Alyssa Ronan

    I cannot thank you enough for the 911 Cares activation for Mary Hollomon and the gifts that you sent to Mary and our dispatch staff. She said yesterday that everyone who comes into her room loves her 911 Cares bear.  Obion County 911 
    ​On January 15, 2006, Dispatcher Scott Eldridge was laid to rest wearing his uniform.  Scott received the recognition that all dispatchers' deserve. The procession consisted of family in a limo followed by WPD Dispatchers in a limo, numerous WPD Units, Riverside Sheriff Units, Vernon PD Unit with 2 Dispatchers, El Monte PD Unit with 3 Dispatchers, Santa Fe Springs Fire truck, and 6 tow trucks.  Also in attendance amongst many family and friends were two La Habra PD Dispatchers and a Pasadena PD Dispatcher. As Scott's wife said, “Scott would be so happy!”   Thank you for sending out my message about Scott.  WPD Dispatch and the Eldridge family appreciated the support and enjoyed reading the responses on your website.  Thank you, Shannon Nurre, Communications Manager, El Monte Police Department


    Just a short note to thank you so much for your package. I was not aware that you were sending something and I was very surprised when they said I had a package. I felt like a little kid that just was given a lolly pop. I apologize for sending you an E-mail message but I wanted to make sure you received my thank you note as soon as possible because now we are making preparations for the arrival of IVAN. When I distributed your gifts to my operators it brought much needed smiles to there faces as some of them had extensive damage to their homes and one operator lost her home. We are all very positive no matter what and will keep dispatching and help everyone we can. Thank you again.  Sincerely, Christina Weisser , Communications Supervisor 

    On behalf of the Oviedo Police Department and the dispatchers, I would like to thank you and 9-1-1 cares for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Your gracious gifts were appreciated by all. It felt like Christmas. You really made our day!!!!!  Thanks again, Elizabeth Kelly, Communications Supervisor, Oviedo Police Department 

    Thank you for thinking of us during the hurricane! We enjoyed the cups, pins, and bumper stickers. We have all been through an ordeal here. We know there are other agencies who were hit harder than ours. We wish them the best and our hearts go out to them. Our city suffered excessive damage and our department was without power and on generators for 3 days. My home suffered damage to the roof (leaking), garage door must be replaced, fence blown away, storm door ripped off. I had to put my couch against the front door to keep it closed. The winds reached 105 MPH at my home near Orlando regional airport. I was without power for 6 days along with two other dispatchers who suffered roof and water damage. All in all we are thankful and appreciate you and 911 cares!!!!   Thank you, Laurie Hagan, Oviedo Police Department, Seminole County, Fl. 

    I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the care package you sent our agency. It was a nice surprise, and (although unnecessary); very much appreciated. We were very busy due to Charley and the biggest inconveniences we suffered was no air conditioning and phone problems at the station. I know that pails in comparison to the agencies hardest hit by this tragedy. My heart goes out to them & cannot imagine what they still must be going thru. Thank God no one here was injured. Alot of us (including myself) had some damages to our homes, but we still HAVE homes. I know we all feel very fortunate around here. You and your organization are doing wonderful things for dispatchers and their families all across the country and I just wanted you to know that your efforts are generous and heartwarm.  Sincerely, Nicky Taylor, Dispatcher, Oviedo Police Dept, Oviedo, FL (Seminole Co) 
    I received the bear, pin, and card today from 911 cares, and you'll never know how much that meant to me. I suffered several strokes while at work in November of 2003, which has caused some cognitive damage, but unfortunately, the city that I work for has decided to terminate me after 15 years of service rather than attempt to find another position within our department. I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your organization for your thoughts and prayers. This has been a very trying time for me and my family. Patti (Harrison) Anderson, Kingsport Police Department, Kingsport , TN 
    After being in Stillwater, MN a few weks back, I saw how the region was working so hard to find Dru Sjodin . If you remember, she's the college student in Grand Forks that was apparently kidnapped by a sexual predator . I started thinking about...you know what... the dispatchers. So, I made an order form out and asked Steve to send a box of goodies to them (mugs, hats, shirts, bumper stickers, etc) and they arrived this morning. Already I have received 2 thank you notes that you all should share in. Without PSTC, there would be no 911 CARES, without 911 CARES, well--you get it.   --Kev (see below ) 

    Dear Kevin,  Thank you very much for the gifts you sent us. I just want to say I really appreciate the thought and time you put into sending us something special. As you probably know, dispatchers don't recieve a lot of thanks and we don't really think about it. We are just doing our jobs and hope each day ends well. Dru's case has hit us all hard here in our community and we never thought twice about helping in any way we could. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making our Christmas a little brighter and letting us know there are people that appreciate us. Please think of Dru's family and hope we can bring her home soon.  Heather Folkers, 911 Dispatcher/Grand Forks County, Grand Forks , ND 

    Hello Kevin and your 911 CARES team!!  I am one of the supervisors at the Grand Forks North Dakota 911 center. We received your box of 911 goodies and your very nice letter today. I'd like to thank you and express our sincere appreciation for your kindness and the gifts. It is very thoughtful and it meant a lot to us to be remembered in this way.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate Dru Sjodin . She has been in the forefront of our thoughts and prayers and we had hoped to have some closure for all involved, most particularly her family. Again, I thank you all so much on all of our behalf!   Sincerely, Vickie Hageman 
    It's been some time since I have updated you on Lisa and her family. Lisa is doing well since the sudden loss of both of her parents. She came back to work towards the end of November. Lisa has good days and bad but she is hanging in there. There have been some challenges along the way settling her parents financial obligations and everything else that comes along the way, she remains positive. I gave Lisa a book to read on grief and there was a quote in the book that read, "You must see complete darkness before you can see the light of the stars". Isn't that the truth!  Anyways, the dispatchers at the Willowick PD cannot thank 911 Cares enough for all of the help and support Lisa has received. There are so many people to thank I don't know where to begin. Lisa has been writing thank you notes it seems like forever, so don't anyone think they have been forgotten. 911 Cares has really touched our lives in so many ways throughout Lisa's tragedy and we want everyone to know how much we appreciate their care and concern!  I would like to thank the Mentor Police Department Dispatchers, who is a city very near to us, for everything they did for Lisa. You guys are great! To sum it all up THANK YOU, everyone that helped, from the bottom of our hearts!   Sincerely, Angela Trend and all of the Willowick Police Department Dispatchers.


    Kevin - Just wanted you to know how much all of us appreciated the goodies you sent.  We are a small agency but we are not immune to big disasters.  The July floods sure proved we can pull together for the benefit of our citizens.  The card is signed by all of our dispatch staff.  Again, THANK YOU so very much for your kind thoughts.  Monte Diegel, Mercer County Sheriff's Office