911CARES is operated by PSTC and volunteer 9-1-1 professionals. Our core goals include:

  • To offer emotional support (including stress debriefings) to emergency communicators during difficult times or events

  • To award and appreciate the “Everyday Heroes” within the industry

  • To provide public and agency education in relation to 9-1-1 issues

  • To provide help to our fellow emergency communications professionals in their time of need


The events of September 11th will ever change our world and the 911 profession. The 911CARES project was originally designed specifically to support the 911 professionals involved and affected by the tragic attacks.  It has evolved into much more.  We now work under the motto, “supporting everyday heroes”.  Before 911CARES there was no national organization that helped 9-1-1 and emergency communications professionals.  911CARES works hard  to offer emotional support and often financial assistance for communicators in crisis.  Go back to the home page to read current 911CARES Activations.

Examples of how 911 CARES can help an agency in need:

  • Stress De-Briefings:  We offer free stress de-briefings after an agency has had a difficult call for service or a loss within their work family. We have done this immediately after September 11th, hurricane Katrina, the NIU shooting, and many more. These de-briefings are 100% confidential. The event that we de-brief does not need to be a national event, any overwhelmingly stressful event is within our guidelines.

  • Stress Management, Emotional Support, Requests for Spiritual Support:  Is one of your dispatchers seriously ill?  How about one of their children?  Has there been a sudden or tragic accident or tragedy that you need some help with?

  • We e-mail our “911CARES Activations” and we post them to various web groups, NENA Chapters and APCO Chapters and other means to get the word out. Maybe you are looking for fellow dispatchers to add you to their prayer circle, resources for the situation you are involved in or would like to request cards or well wishes to sent to your agency or an individual dispatch professional.

  • Financial Support:  If there is a need for financial assistance, in very special situations, 911CARES may be able to help you. If insurance or other assistance programs can’t help, we may be able to. We have raised thousands of dollars to help defray immediate housing needs after flood or fires, medical needs or burial costs.  We have also done a great deal of work helping families stay at temporary housing like the Ronald McDonald house while their child is at a Children’s hospital or burn center.  We only help 9-1-1 and emergency communications professionals. Though we would love to help field responders, we are limited to assisting calltakers, dispatchers and those that work within the communications center. We DO extend 911CARES to the children and immediate family members of telecommunications professionals.

Who We Are:  911CARES is one of the PSTC family of companies.  PSTC is America’s largest in-service training provider.  We started the organization with funding coming only from PSTC.  Now we accept donations from various dispatch organizations, we sell products that promotes our profession and it allows us to dedicate sales profits to various activations.  If you need to contact us, call 650-591-7911 or e-mail ask@pstc911.com

How to Request a 911 CARES Activation:  We receive hundreds of CARES Activations.  If you follow the general guidelines below, your Activation will be handled quicker. Remember, 911CARES is a volunteer organization and everyone that works within the administration volunteers their time and efforts for 911CARES. E-mail your request to ask@pstc911.com.  If you don’t hear back from us in 48 hours, please fax it to 650-591-8911 or call us at 650-591-7911 and check the status of your request. 

Requesting guidelines:
(You can cut and paste this into an e-mail and answer each bullet point)

  • Write a summary of what is going on specifically. Include agency name and the individual names of the people involved.

  • Make sure you write the story or request for someone that doesn’t know your agency or the people involved. It should “grab” the reader so they feel a need to help the person or agency you are writing about.

  • Include a contact name (you or someone else that can be the “go to” person and keep us updated) and the contact e-mail.

  • We need the best mailing address where people or agencies can send cards, letters or notes. Be specific and include the complete address.

  • If you request is for financial assistance, let the reader know who the check should be made out to, the bank or address where it should be sent and any goal of how much money is needed. You MUST explain exactly what the money is needed for and what the goal amount is. We do not cover things covered by insurance. 

If you have questions, call us or e-mail ask@pstc911.com

How you can make a donation:
911CARES asks that you read our various activations and donate directly to those in need. We often provide you with bank accounts that are set up directly to assist a specific donation. Those accounts are run by the agencies or organizations that are helping their own. 911CARES does not manage or monitor those accounts but we do vet the various requests by calling agencies and ensuring there is an actual need.

If you have ideas for fund raisers for specific activations or you would like to help 911CARES is some way, we would love to hear from you, just call us at 650-595-5202 x102 or e-mail Kevin@pstc911.com 

If you have an idea for a 91CARES product or would like to nominate an “everyday hero” please contact Kevin at the e-mail listed above.

Agencies can request a “911CARES piggy bank” to display in their dispatch center. We give you the bank for FREE and you just put your spare change in it and send 911CARES a check once in awhile.  To get a piggy bank, just e-mail Romina or Debbie or call us at 650-595-5202 x105.

Thanks for supporting 911CARES!

Kevin Willet