2014 Activations

    Alicia Davis, one of our dispatchers, lost her home to a fire. It is a complete loss.  She is a single mom to an 8 year old little girl and resides with her sister who also has a 9 year old boy and 2 year old girl.  The girls wear size 9 and 2T and the boys size is 9/10. If you want to donate any items or a monetary amount please contact Carrie Stephens or Rance Duffy.  Checks can be made out to Christian County Telecommunicators.  Deposits can be made to the same account at any Guaranty Bank location.  More information will be sent as we get it. Please keep Alicia and her family in your thoughts and prayers. All donations will go to benefit Alicia and her family. Checks can be mailed to Christian County Emergency Services, Attn:  Carrie Stephens, 110 W Elm St, Room 50, Ozark, MO.  65721.  Thank you, Carrie M. Stephens, RPL, Christian County Emergency Services.
    Scott Hockaday, was diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure and a subsequent CT scan found a bleed in his brain.  He was diagnosed with a stroke and transferred to a nearby neurology ICU in Seattle, WA. Scott has been a dispatcher for approximately 10 years.  Prior to that, he was a fireman for the USAF.  He is a fantastic worker and was one of the people who trained me on police radio.  He has a wife and a 3-year-old daughter.  He doesn’t have the greatest medical coverage so the medical bills are piling up quite rapidly.  His wife has taken time off work to be with him and care for their daughter and she is now out of vacation time, so she is on unpaid leave. Our employer is doing everything they can to mitigate the amount of paid time loss for Scott, but eventually, it will run out.  Meanwhile, they have to pay for their house, cars, food, fuel, etc.  I am asking for help for them.  My contact info is:   
    Darrin Stern, c/o SNOPAC 911, 1121 SE Everett Mall Way Suite 200, Everett, WA 98208.  Cards, letters, notes, etc. can all be sent to that address above for me to deliver to him and his family. I am the go to person for this, as he is also my best friend and is like a brother to me.  I am requesting financial assistance for them due to his wife not working currently, how long his pay will continue and the mounting medical bills.  Checks can be made out to his wife, Adria Hockaday, and sent in care of me to the above address for our workplace.  It is unknown how much will be needed, but best guess is the medical bills alone will easily exceed $10,000.  That doesn’t include rent, food, utilities, fuel for his wife to drive the 40-mile round trip to the hospital every day, etc. Donations can be made to Scott's GoFundMe Account.  Thank you in advance for even giving this consideration. I know his family will be most grateful.
    News Article
    .  Longtime Columbia Emergency Dispatcher Kevin Robinson died earlier this morning, Dec. 10.  An ambulance was called to his home and he was rushed to St. Anthony’s Medical Center where he died.  He had been employed by the Columbia Police Department as a dispatcher since 2004.  “Kevin was a dedicated, hard working, professional who went above and beyond the normal duties of a telecommunicator on a daily basis,” said CPD Chief Joe Edwards.  “We ask that the public keep Kevin and his family in their thoughts and prayers.”  Kevin leaves behind a wife, Kelly, and a daughter, Rachel, along with other family and friends.  Funeral arrangements are pending at Braun Family Funeral Home in Columbia.  Cards can be sent to:  Columbia Emergency Dispatch , 1020 N Main St , Columbia, IL 62236
    Ken Beltran has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer.   While still waiting to hear Ken's treatment plan, he will no doubt need extra help covering the upcoming and  unexpected medical expenses.  Ken has been a dispatcher with Arvada Fire for 6 years, as well as a volunteer with our volunteer firefighter program.  He is married to Lynn and together they have 2 young girls and a toddler boy.  Ken also works in his community as a referree for local schools' football teams. Additionally, Ken also served our country in the Army in his younger years.  It's quite a shock when you hear someone has cancer, but even more so when it's a seemingly healthy, young coworker.  We are still in the process of setting up a fundraiser and as well as a gofundme site.  In the meantime, any cards of support would be appreciated and can be sent to:  Arvada Fire Protection District, C/O Dispatch re: Ken Beltran, 7903 Allison Way, Arvada, CO 80005.  Thanks for all you do!  Sincerely,  Karin Griffis, Lead Dispatcher
    ​On November 16, 2014, Lekecia had just finished a double shift at the dispatch center.  After she went home, she decided to cook her something to eat before she went to bed.  She fell asleep and was awakened by a next door neighbor telling her that her house was on fire.  She grabbed the only clothing that she could and her 7-year-old daughter (Asia Norwood).  They were able to survive but lost everything.  In this time of giving (Thanksgiving), I recognize that dispatchers have hearts as big as their console.  The Jackson Police Department is having a benefit to help her get back on her feet.  We are calling on dispatchers to help one of our own.  Lekecia is those dispatchers who can smile when everything else around her is going wrong.   Lekecia wears clothes size 12-14 and shoe size 8 1/2.  Her daughter Asia is need of school uniforms, khaki pants, and blue shirts.  Her size is 12 medium and her shoe size is 13-1.  If you find it in your heart to donate, please send all donations to the Jackson Police Department Training Academy, Attention: Commander Herman Horton, 3000 Saint Charles Street, Jackson, MS  39209.  You can also 
    Donate.  100% of your donation will be forwarded to the Lee family with a card showing you as the donor.  
    I'm writing on behalf of one of our dispatchers, Serita Basilio-Lewis, who is now on extended medical leave for cardiac-related health issues. Serita was a long time EMT and SAR volunteer in Marin County, and worked part time then full time for us here at the FPD from October 2001 to April 2004. She left Marin for the east coast for a time, then returned in 2011 and resumed working for us part time, which eventually worked in to a full time position in May of 2013. In addition to her duties, she also created and ran a non-profit organization in her home town that provides meals for families in need. Needless to say, she is an extremely giving and generous person, and asking for assistance is not an easy thing for her to do.  I have set up a
    Go Fund Me account for Serita, and our POA has already started the donation process. Below is the link.  Thanks for all that you do!!  - Guy Crow - Communications Dispatcher, Fairfax Police Department - Fairfax, CA, 415-453-5330 (main)
    Kymer Walker, Operator 50, at Coweta County 911 has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma and Leukemia, etc. She has been with us 3 years, etc. She is an avid poker player and animal lover.  Coweta County E-911 is selling T-shirts with the logo on the front to raise money to help cover her expenses. The T-shirts start at $20.00 each.  For more information or to order, contact 
    Arlene Whisenhunt or Vickie Gunnin at 770-254-5809.  GoFundMe Account.  -- Dustin L. BucknerTraining Officer/Supervisor Coweta County E-911 , 195 International Park, Newnan, Georgia 30265.  Additional contact: Jonathan Jones regarding this activation.
    Vicki Patterson, who previously fought breast cancer, now has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Vic continued to work during her treatments in the past, but now has decided to spend time with her friends and family.  Vic is an amazing person to work with and learn from.  Since she has worked here at the Southern CA Geographical Coordination Center (FS/DOI & CAL FIRE), dispatchers from all over California and neighboring states have benefited from her wonderful attitude and desire to teach and help others. She has staffed our expanded dispatch and our aircraft desk, as well as working in these positions on assignments across the nation. Vic has also been involved in teaching classes for expanded and ROSS at the Regional level.  She is an amazing person and friend to everyone she meets.  Vic is a person who always has time for others, and we are asking for prayers and well wishes for her as she fights her most recent battle.  You can also send cards and well wishes to:  Vic Patterson, ICO: South Ops OCC , 2524 Mulberry Street, Riverside, CA 92501.  Sincerely,  Brandell Patterson and Shayne Canady, Southern Operations OCC (CAL FIRE). Southern CA Geographical Area Coordination Center (FS/DOI)
    Miles is a dispatcher who lives with his mom and his 2 sons. Miles III is 10 and Mylin is 8. Miles’ mother is Karolyn and she is 61.  Miles was working yesterday and shortly after noon he was notified that his mother’s house was a total loss from a fire.  Miles’ mother has lived at the residence for 29 years.  Miles, his two sons, and his mother have lost everything, including his mother’s dog who died in the fire.  I would like to request assistance for Miles and his family. We are requesting gift cards to aid in purchasing new clothes, shoes, and personal items. Sizes are listed below for donations of reasonably new, gently used clothes and household items.  Items can be sent directly to the Oklahoma City 9-1-1 Center:  Oklahoma City 9-1-1, C/O David Shupe, Director, 715 Robert S. Kerr, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.  If you prefer to make clothing donations:  Karolyn:  X Large Shirt, 18 pant and dress;   Miles:  3X Shirt, 44 pants, and 12 shoe;  Miles III:  Large Shirt, 14-16 pants, large boxer briefs, 7 shoe;  Mylin:  Large Shirt, 12 pant, large boxer briefs, 5.5 shoe.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Lysa Baker, ENP, 9-1-1 Education Coordinator, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, (405) 778-6172 office
    Yesterday the community of Weed, CA experienced a wildland fire that devastated much of the town.  Cal-­Fire estimates that over 100 structures were lost or damaged and 1,000 people displaced.  Kelly Stenmark, the Dispatch Supervisor/Records Manager for the Mt Shasta Police Department, was one of the residents whose home was destroyed by the fire. She has worked as a dispatcher for over 25 years and dedicated herself to her profession as a first responder, not only as a dispatcher but volunteering with the local volunteer fire department as well.  Thankfully, her family is safe -­ only the family greyhound is still unaccounted for. However, there is nothing left of the residence that Kelly, her husband Kevin, and twin teenagers called home.  Kelly and her family are only one of many that must rebuild after this disaster. They are blessed with many friends who are helping them with their immediate needs, but the road to recovery will be a long one. They will have to rebuild their home and replace every personal and material item imaginable. Many family mementos were lost, there simply was not enough time to "prepare to evacuate" before the fire devastated their neighborhood.  Please help them in building new memories! Thank you for any support you can offer.  A
    gofundme account has been created. Cards, words of encouragement and hope can be sent to:  Mt Shasta Police Department,  Attn: Kelly Stenmark, 303 N Mt Shasta Blvd, Mt Shasta, CA 96067 -- Thank you!  Dawn Snure, Dispatch
    Jessica Larson had to leave work earlier this year due to complications from a Lyme Disease diagnosis. A
    GoFundMe account has been started to support Jessica’s medical expenses as most of them are not covered by insurance. If you are interested in making a contribution please clink the link below. Even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference!  This campaign is raising money for "Lyme Borreliosis Complex" -- Kara Selvage, Public Safety Dispatcher III - POLICE PATROL, Department of Emergency Operations, 2220 Ady Road, Forest Hill, MD 21050
    Here at the LaPorte County RDC our hearts are heavy. I am writing you today for prayers and support. Our afternoon shift supervisor, Nikki Nixon, is going through the most difficult time of her life right now.  Early morning on Saturday August 30th, her boyfriend was fatally stabbed at a local bar. (
    Read article) He was the love of her life and they had been discussing marriage.  Nikki is the nicest, sweetest girl and is having a difficult time with this horrific tragedy. Any thoughts, prayers, cards, etc. that you can pass her way is very greatly appreciated. You may send cards and well wishes to:  LaPorte County RDC, 809 State St., LaPorte, IN 46350, ATTN: Nikki Nixon.  Donations can be sent to the go fund me link.  -- Thank you, Mandy Dorris
    I am contacting you because one of my co-workers,
    Megan Mcclanahan, a CHP dispatcher needs some assistance from her LE family.  A couple days ago her husband, Zee, suffered a stroke while out of town. They have 5 children, so this family depends on two incomes. Being that he was hospitalized away from home, there is the added expense of being out of town and away from work for an extended time. I've repeatedly seen Megan be selfless, sacrifice, and go without in order to help her family, children, friends, and coworkers - now she needs our help.  A gofundme page has been set up to raise money to cover expenses while Zee remain the in the hospital. If you can spread the word around, please. Cards can be sent to:  CHP Border Communications Center, 7183 Opportunity Road. San Diego, CA 92111, Attention: PSD Megan Mcclanahan. --Thank you 911 cares!!!!!   Nicole Sheffield.   
    Melissa “Boggs” Barker is an 8 year veteran dispatcher/supervisor with the Hamilton County Public Safety Communication Center located in Noblesville, IN. Melissa was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease during childhood, and now at the age of 28 her condition has become life threatening.   Melissa required surgery in October 2013 to repair damage caused by her Crohn’s, but after the surgery her condition worsened.  Over the course of the next 10.5 months, Melissa visited her IU Health doctors on a regular basis with no determination for the drastic decline in her health.  In an attempt to obtain answers, Melissa finally made the decision to visit the Mayo Clinic located in Minnesota. After meeting with the medical staff at the Mayo Clinic, Melissa learned that her condition was life threatening and she would require another complicated surgery in an attempt to repair damage caused by the Crohn’s.  The doctors explained to Melissa that she will be hospitalized for approximately 2 weeks after surgery.  Also, over the course of the next 6 months she will need to commute back and forth from the Mayo Clinic every 2 weeks.   Melissa is currently out of sick time, and soon will be out of short-term disability.  In addition to her monthly household bills, Melissa and her husband will need money to pay for hotels, fuel, food, and other expenses while visiting the Mayo Clinic for appointments.  Melissa is unable to drive due to the medication she is taking; therefore her husband must accompany her on these trips.  While he is away from work, he is only receiving a partial paycheck that will come to an end in the next few weeks.  Melissa struggles with this disease everyday but refuses to let on that she is suffering from the pain.  She is passionate about her job and is making every effort to get back to work as soon as possible.  Her co-workers are trying to organize a dinner to benefit Melissa and collecting donations to assist with her travel expenses and bills.  A
    gofundme account has been set up in Melissa’s name.  You can also send cards, well wishes, and donations to:  Melissa Barker, 21563 Victory Chapel Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060.  Thank you for all of your support
    David Gonzales, was in a serious motorcycle crash on his way to work. Our center actually took the 911 calls for his accident and then discovered when he did not arrive for his schedule shift that the accident involved him.  David is a very cherished employee, good person, and great friend.  We're all hoping for a full recovery for him but know it will be a long road to recovery and any assistance the family can get would be greatly appreciated.  David is one of these people his coworkers would describe as, “a great person and friend.”  He is one of the people you have no problem turning to if you’re questioning a call you took or in need of assistance getting a shift covered.  Outside of work, David is a dedicated family man to his wife and three daughters who are 17, 15, and 2 years old. He recently took time off of work in order to improve on the home they live in.  David also enjoys going out for rides on his 2007 Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle. He took frequent rides out with close friends from work as well as with the motorcycle group he belongs to and regularly rode his motorcycle into work.  On August 27th, 2014 at approximately 10:30PM that the Gonzales family were made to face one of their biggest challenges. A driver of a Ford Expedition turned in front of David and struck him. David was thrown from the motorcycle and the driver of the Ford took off.  Thanks to many witnesses and a delivery driver from the restaurant, police were able to apprehend the offender within four hours.  David’s family, as well as his extended family at Northwest Central Dispatch, are incredibly grateful to all the people who assisted to catch the offender.  There were no words to describe how everyone felt except complete devastation. Anyone who knows David knows what a wonderful and kind hearted person he is. To imagine that he would be the one to suffer from such an accident and have someone attempt to relieve themselves of any responsibility by leaving the scene of the accident instead of providing aid to David is beyond our comprehension. Despite feeling such a loss, everyone has come together with an immense amount of love and support for David and his family.  David suffers from a cracked vertebrae as well as a head injury, but we are looking forward to him hopefully making a full recovery. Gifts of a monetary value are greatly appreciated as they anticipate many potential hardships during this recovery. We have set a goal at this time for $10,000 to cover expenses for the family traveling from their home to the hospital and to alleviate other expenses while David is out of work. Checks can be made out to David or Maria Gonzales. Please send any donations and letters to:  Northwest Central Dispatch, C/O Shasta Green, 1975 E Davis St, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
    Original Activation:  
    One of our dispatchers, Jordan Oliveria had been sick on and off the past year and was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 27 a few months ago.   At this time Jordan doesn't know what stage his cancer is in due to his insurance not covering his PET scan and the doctors couldn't tell on the CT if the lymph nodes were enlarged from infection or was the cancer.  His doctors are being very aggressive fighting his cancer with chemo treatment every day with a break on the weekends.  He will have surgery in the next few months and hopefully get all the cancer there is.  After surgery, Jordan will endure more chemo and radiation for a 6 month period.  He's working on and off at the moment, coming in when he feels up to it.  All his co-workers have pitched in to make sure he has everything he needs, but more support can't hurt.  Please send any cards or form of support to:  Southaven Police Dept, ATTN: Jordan Oliveria, 8691 Northwest Dr, Southaven, MS  38671.  Read Jordan's story on a
    GOFUNDME account his wife set up.  Our division appreciates any support you may give Jordan.  Deborah Rosenberg, E-911 Communications Division Administrator, Southaven Police Department, 8691 Northwest Dr, Southaven, MS  38671
    01/28/15 Update:  
    ​I just wanted to give y’all an update on Jordan Oliveria from Southaven PD.  He’s still battling his prostate cancer and recently found out it’s spread to his lymph nodes.  He’s on a more aggressive chemo and trying to stay positive.  Your continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.  Thank You, Deborah Rosenberg, E911 Communications Administrator

    Irena Bones-Gaston has been diagnosed with Stage 2/3 Adrenal Cancer.  Since she has been off of work with illness, she has fallen on some hard times personally.  She has discovered that she has some major repairs to make on her home.  If theses repairs are not made, she and her family can no longer live there.  Through all of this, Irena still has kept her faith and keeps pushing on.  We are trying to keep Irena’s family above water while she goes through this hard phase of her life.  If anyone would like to send cards, notes of encouragement or assist financially, please send them to  Kimberly Hartman, c/o York County Department of Emergency Services, 120 Davies Dr, York, PA 17402.   If donating money, please make checks out to Irena Bones-Gaston.  I will make sure to hand deliver everything we receive here.  I am the go to person for this activation.  My information is listed below.  Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  -- Kimberly Hartman (
    work email)  (personal email), York County Dept of Emergency Services, Shift Supervisor 

    Original Activation:  
    We all hear the word Cancer and think that it's not going to be us. For us, our Department heard the word Cancer and it became one of us. Our friend, co-worker and family member, Jeri Dotson-Modschiedler, a ten year veteran with the Allen County Sheriff's Office Communications Division and 38 yr old mother of five and step ~ mother of two, has been diagnosed with stage four Colon, Liver and Lung Cancer, just three weeks after giving birth to her 5th child, a happy healthy baby boy.  With stage four cancer, Jeri is in the fight for her life and fighting hard with an incredibly positive attitude. She is in the early process of receiving the aggressive forms of chemotherapy treatment's, which started mid September 2013, only days after receiving the news of this ugly diagnosis.  We are dedicated to fighting the fight with Jeri, and any acts of kindness or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. As Jeri would say "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL".  Please send any cards and/or forms of support to:  ​The Allen County Sheriff's Office, C/O Dispatcher Jeri Modschiedler, 333 N. Main St., Lima, Ohio 45801.  Sincerely,  Dispatchers of Allen County S.O. (Ohio)
    08/11/14 Update:  
    ​It is with HEAVY HEAVY heart to say that Dispatcher Jeri Dotson-Modschedler took her last breathe this morning. Jeri put up a good fight. Please keep Jeri's Children, Family and Co-Workers in your Prayers!!  Sincerely, Dispatchers of Allen County S.O. (Ohio), Allen County Sheriff's Office, 333 N. Main St., Lima, Ohio 45801

    ​This is a shameless request for help for one of our dispatchers Audrey Scott.  Audrey is a 19-Year Veteran dispatcher, tactical dispatcher, communications training officer, POST instructor – loves being a dispatcher - (supervisor’s dream employee)  In June, Audrey underwent significant brain surgery to remove a tumor, unfortunately the test results came back “grade 3” brain cancer.   Her family is back in Texas and she will be going to Dallas immediately to stay in what was supposed to be her “retirement” home and travel back and forth to Houston to the MD Anderson Cancer Center for heavy doses of both chemo and radiation.  She will have to stay in hotels weekly during the 3 to 6 months of her treatment because the drive is about 4 hours.  We were devastated to hear the latest news but kicked into gear to try and help her with her unexpected medical expenses and travel & hotel costs while she fights to beat this dreadful disease.  We launched a
    Gofundme account and T-shirt fundraiser (black t shirt, great to wear under uniforms) to help her with extra costs involved.  The response has been amazing!  A true testament to the Audrey we know and love.  She is ALWAYS the first in line to help someone in need. Thanks for your time,  Jackie Pace, Communications Manager
    We have a dispatcher whose house caught on fire during a lightning storm (while he was working). The house suffered significant structural damage in the roof and his belongings were a loss.  The dispatcher is Marc Mosely. His family consists of a wife and 2 teenagers. They have had to get new clothes, medication, etc. and their biggest problem right now is that the hotel room they have only has a microwave - so they are having to eat out many meals.  Restaurant gift cards or donations may be sent to: Spartanburg Communications / 9-1-1 - ATTN: Marc Mosely - PO Box 5666 - Spartanburg, SC 29304
    Communications Officer Emery has served his community for almost twenty years. Please keep The Emery family in your prayers.  On July 4,2014 Marion Police Department Communications Officer Anthony Emery suffered an tragic and unexpected loss with the passing of his 21 year old son.  Direct any cards and letters for Officer Emery to:  Marion Police Department, C/O Communications, 1001 W DeYoung St, Marion, IL. 62959
    One of our dispatchers, Amber Skall, has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  Amber has been working at our department for the last 8 years and is one of our dedicated night owls.  During Christmas week last year, Amber got really sick and ended up in the hospital. True to form, she was more worried about calling in sick during the holidays than she was about herself. After an intense week of antibiotics, she was diagnosed as "probably" having a an intestinal abscess and sent home with still more antibiotics. After weeks turned into months of not feeling better, Amber went to her doctor and insisted that something more was wrong with her.  Her doctor listened and scheduled Amber for a colonoscopy to try and figure out what was going on.  When she woke up from that procedure, she was greeted with the news that she has colon cancer. At 31 years old, this wasn't a diagnosis that any of her caregivers expected. She was admitted to the hospital that night and had surgery the next day; April 4th, 2014.  She lost 18" of her colon, an ovary and cancerous lesions were found on her liver. She recovered from the surgery and started chemo a couple weeks ago.  Now, Amber is one tough chick! She's one of the founding members of the "Hogettes," (our police football team's fund raising crew) she's a Crossfit enthusiast, she's the best friend to all our department K9's with her locker full of dog toys and the stockpile of doggie ice cream she keeps in our comm freezer, she can out-camp anyone of us with a camping set up that would make REI proud, and she's Johnny Cash's biggest fan.  I know she has the game to fight this awful illness, but she needs all our help.  Donations can be made to
    Amber's GoFundMe account.  You can also follow Amber's blog.  Cards and correspondence can also be sent to:  Ventura Police Department, 1425 Dowell Drive, Ventura, CA 93003.  Thank you for reading about Amber. I'm sure she'd like me to remind everyone to listen to your bodies. If you think something is wrong, don't let fear keep you from finding out what it is. Go get checked out!  Sincerely, Laurel Shelton, VPD Command Center
    I am requesting support on behalf of my agency due to the passing of one of our dispatchers, Pricilla Kay Ellis, known as Momma Kay to those she served with.  Momma Kay had been sick for a only a short time and was admitted to the hospital just last month. Initially, she was diagnosed as having gallstones and a large mass over her pancreas. Doctors finally determined that the mass was stage four cancer and there was nothing else that they could do for her. Momma Kay wanted to live out her remaining days at home. She came home on April 30th and a short three weeks later, she passed. Momma Kay was laid to rest on Sunday, May 18th.  Kay's sister, Carolyn Gist, is also a dispatcher with our agency, and her son, Stephen Ellis, is a trooper with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Please keep our agency in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.   Cards of condolence can be sent to:  Lawrence County 911, PO Box 691, Lawrenceburg, TN  38464.  Thanks for all you do!  Marty Crum, Terminal Agency Coordinator, Lawrence County 911.
    ​Stacy started working for Prince Georges Public Safety Communications in 2000 and was well known around the center for her calm, caring nature and willingness to help others, whether in the center or on the street.  When the time came, Stacy volunteered to be a certified training officer in order to pass on her extensive knowledge, dedication and care to the young employees so they developed the same love for the job that she has.  Stacy is one to never complain and rarely asks for help except in times that she wants to ensure what she is doing is the best for the situation at hand.  Now it's our turn to ask for help for Stacy.  Stacy has had a long, extensive medical history which includes a courageous, victorious battle with cancer, strokes and now suffers from seizures which have prevented her from working full time.  Most of the time she is unable to work for weeks at a time.  She has struggled but always maintains her unique, caring qualities day in and day out.  Stacy has done all this while working as a Police Dispatcher at one of the busiest counties in the country.  She has been able to do all of this and even found unique ways to maintain her profession even though a childhood accident that took several of her fingers. That's the type of person Stacy is. Because of her extensive medical history, she has exhausted all available resources to assist her in maintaining her pay check.  When her health incapacitates her and she can't make it to work she does not get paid.  Stacy is raising two teenagers on her own (her husband passed away a few years ago),  trying to maintain aging cars, a house, pay bills and put food on the table.  Stacy rarely asks for help so we are asking for her.  We are asking that we step up to help this behind-the-scene-hero by helping take away some of the stress of having to force herself to come to work when she shouldn't.  Any amount helps and knowing her, the smallest of get well wishes in the form of letters or cards, letting her know we are thinking about her, would mean the world to her. Thank you.  Cards Letters & donations can be sent and made out to:  Stacy Patrice Penn, Prince Georges County OHS-PSC, 17321 Melford BL., Bowie, MD 20715.  Our Goal is to raise $5,000.  For further information contact
    Jason W. Lott.                                                                             
    Some time ago, I sent out a plea to help one of my co-workers, Anna Coffey who was battling bone cancer in her spine.  Miraculously, she recovered and has been in remission for several months.  Out of the blue, her pain returned with a vengeance only to find out that the cancer has returned.  It is intertwined in her spine and the scar tissue from her previous treatments and surgery.  It is in-operable.  She also now has spots on her lungs and liver.   In the mean time. she is on heavy pain meds and steroids, receiving chemo every three weeks and shots several times a week.  Due to the extensive chemo that she received before, she is almost maxed out on the amount a person can receive in a lifetime.  Her doctor believes she is a good candidate for the cancer center in Texas where there is a doctor who specializes in spinal cancer.  She and her doctor are trying to get the insurance company to cover treatment, but have been unsuccessful.  She is out of work and has been for several weeks having used all her vacation and sick time.  Time has been donated to her by fellow employees to give her additional sick leave that will carry her for a short time.  However, her family is still struggling financially with all the added co-pays and travel expenses back and forth to doctors, etc..  We are putting together fund raisers to help raise money for the trip to the cancer center as the cost is astronomical.  I would appreciate it if you could post her needs and get the word out to as many people as possible.  Any questions can be directed to
    Debbie Greer at 239-321-7792 or  Donations can be made to:  Anna Coffey, c/o Fort Myers Police Department, Attn. Debbie Greer, 2210 Widman Way, Fort Myers FL 33901
    I am writing to request a posting of support for the Alaska State Troopers – D Detachment Dispatch Center.  Two of their Troopers were killed on May 1, 2014 in Tanana, Alaska.  Here is the
    story of what happened.   It would be great if centers could send cards, words of encouragement or whatever they may decide is appropriate to help them through this tough time.  The mailing address is:    Alaska State Troopers “D” Detachment, Dispatch Center, 1979 Peger Road, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701.  Thank you for all you do.  Fairbanks ECC
    05/03/14 Update:  

    ​We are in need of all Prayer Warriors!!! Nearly 4 years ago I asked for support from you wonderful folks for two of our dispatchers, Tanya Pressgrove and Brandy Frye. Their family member, Brendon Gay (now 4 years old), was in need of a life saving transplant. Several months after my request he received the transplant and has been thriving for the past two years. Almost two weeks ago, his body became very sick and started to reject the organ. Brendon is gravely ill and I am asking for any and all prayers for this precious child and his family.  Thank you in advance,  Diana Roberts, Senior Dispatcher, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Memphis, TN 
    07/17/12 Original Activation: 
    I would like to update you on little Brendon Gay’s condition. July 10, 2012 the family received the phone call they had been waiting for since December, 2011. There was a donor organ and they had to get to Nebraska right away. July 12, 2012 Brendon had a successful intestine transplant and continues to recover in the NIC unit. Brendon’s grandmother, Tanya Pressgrove, a veteran dispatcher of 20 years, is in Nebraska for the next month. Brendon and his mother will remain there for the next 6 months for medical reasons. Prayers for the next few days that there is no bleeding and no clotting are requested.  The family has also asked for prayers for the family that lost their child. The gift they have given Brendon and other children cannot be put into words. Cards and letters can be sent to:  Brandy Frye, 5527 Bartlett Grove Cove, Bartlett, TN 38134.  Thank you, Diana Roberts, Senior Dispatcher, Shelby County Sheriff's Office, 9-1-1 Communications Section
    November 2013 Original Activation:
    ​​I am sending this email to request support for one of our dispatchers that has recently been diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. Christy Shidal has been a dispatcher off and on for over a decade and is currently employed with Hurst Police Department. Christy has been here for a little over a year and is an integral member of our dispatch family.  In October, Christy began to feel ill and went to the Dr several times with no relief. On Friday October 18th, Christy received an emergency call from her Dr that she needed to immediately go to the emergency room because they found that her white blood cell count was so high that she was in danger of dying from a stroke. Christy was immediately placed in ICU and they worked for several days to get her white blood cell count down out of the danger zone for a stroke. Once her levels came down from the danger zone, they immediately began daily chemo for the Leukemia. She has been in the hospital for about a month now and at this point there is no end in sight for her hospital stay. Christy is getting close to the end of her vacation/sick time and may have to go out on FMLA with no pay.   Christy is the first person to step up and help anyone in need, and in return is the last person to say she is in need. In fact, she will tell you that she doesn't want to ask for anything because that would take away from someone in need. Christy is a dedicated member of our team, and is always one of the first people to step up when anyone else needs assistance, whether work related or personal.  
    04/23/14 Update:  
    In November 2013 an activation was requested for Christy Shidal who was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. It is with heavy heart that I am emailing to let you know she has passed away.   Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and other support that were so generously given for a very special friend, co-worker and wonderful dispatcher.   Misty George, Hurst Police Department Dispatch, 825 Thousand Oaks Dr, Hurst TX 76054

    Amber Enge, 35 yrs old, a Communications Officer at Jacksonville TX Police Department was killed in a one vehicle accident on her way to work  on April 14, 2014.  The accident occurred in a rain storm when Amber lost control of her vehicle and hit a tree.  She was killed instantly.  Amber was a single mom to a 14 year old son, Will Enge.  Amber began working in July 2013.  She was a very friendly, outgoing person, she got along well with everyone.  Amber was a fast learner and quickly found her place in the department.  All prayers and support for her family and co-workers is greatly appreciated.  Amber's only child is 14. His father is not in the picture. The family requests donations be made to William's college fund.  Donations can be made to the William Enge College Fund, c/o Southside Bank, P.O. Box 1079, Whitehouse, TX.  75791 Attn: Cindy Miller.  Send a card of condolence: (they will be shared with dispatch and the family)  Jacksonville Police Department, Attn Communications, 210 W. Larissa  St., Jacksonville, TX.  75766
    ​Danielle King-Klaber is a part-time 911 Dispatcher for Pendleton County, KY and works full-time at the Kenton County 911 Dispatch Center, KY.  She is 26 years old, married and the mother of two girls, ages 3 and 6.  She has spent her entire adult life working in 911 Centers on the front lines of helping others.  In October of 2013, doctors found an extremely large aneurysm in the main artery of her brain.  Danielle was admitted to University Hospital in Cincinnati were she underwent an intricate, two-part surgical procedure.  The main artery in her left arm was removed and used to by-pass the aneurysm in her brain.  In addition, it was during this surgery that doctors discovered Danielle has a very serious vein disease and the prognosis for her continued survival and quality of life is not very promising.   Since her operation, Danielle has not been able to dispatch on a full time basis. She is trying hard to work as many hours as the doctor will allow, but there are days when side effects from the surgery make it physically impossible for her to function on the job.  This leaves a young couple with two small children trying to make a living on one income. The challenges they face are many…mounting medical bills, the everyday expenses of rent, utilities, food, transportation, the stress of a debilitating disease and the uncertain future that comes with it.  Facebook and PayPal links are provided.  Cards, letters and words of encouragement can also be sent to Danielle at:  Danielle King-Klabe, 1035 Moreland Drive, Apt 1, Alexandria, KY 41001.  Thank you,
     Mike MooreDirector, Pendleton County Emergency Management, Director, Pendleton County 911/Addressing
    Karine (32yrs) was diagnosed in Dec 2013 with Stage 4 Lymphoma.  Karine has tumors on the outside of her spine, in her spinal cord, liver, chest and lymph nodes.  She has been going through very aggressive chemo treatment and will need to have a bone marrow transplant in the coming months.  Following the bone marrow transplant, Karine will need to relocate to temporary housing near Stanford Hospital for 30 to 90 days to be monitored very closely.   She is a single mother with a beautiful 8 year old daughter Emily.  She absolutely has no family in the United States  (Her father was able to come be with her on a temporary Visa which will expire in May;  we are working on a way to extend his stay).  Karine is one of my newer dispatcher’s with only 2 years experience, however this job means the WORLD to her.  She came to the United States as a refugee from Iran at age 19, learned perfect English, educated herself, and eventually freed herself from an abusive marriage only to be dealt this cancer diagnosis.  She has an amazing drive and an unbelievable optimistic outlook that I have never seen in anyone before.  Being in Law Enforcement is a dream come true for her.  She desperately wants to return to work and be a part of the team again.   I’m asking if you have time please write her a letter or send her a card, she would be extremely excited to hear from other dispatcher’s.  Her daughter and her desire to return to work are truly keeping her strong right now.  If anyone would like to go above and beyond she could use gift cards for grocery’s from (Safeway/Vons, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods).  It’s been a struggle on a single income with the amount of co-pays for doctors visit’s and the several medications she takes on a daily basis.   I want to Thank You for taking the time to read Karine’s story.  She will truly love your words of encouragement, work experiences or funny stories.  Cards, notes, words of encouragement can be mailed to:  Karine Manookian, 2560 Walnut Blvd #36, Walnut Creek, Ca 94596.  Any other donations or gifts, may be forwarded  to:  Norma Gordoa, Communications Supervisor, 901 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94577.  Respectfully,  
    Norma A. Gordoa, Communications Supervisor #1063, San Leandro Police Department
    Live Oak Dispatch lost one of their own suddenly Friday 03/14/14 from complications with pneumonia. Jaci Blanch was not only one of our most loved dispatchers she is also the wife to one of our Live Oak Firefighters. We are asking for prayers not just for her husband but for all of us. We are all still shocked. We would just like to let you all know.  Thanks, Live Oak Communications.  Send a card of condolence to:  Live Oak Police-Fire Dispatch , 8001 Shin Oak, Live Oak, TX  78233

    Our dear friend and colleague Sue Williams of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (OH) passed away unexpectedly this morning (3/13/14). Sue had shoulder surgery on 3/12/14 for a torn bicep and was sent home the same day. We received information from her son early this morning that he had called 911 because she couldn’t breathe. Sue died a short time later. Sue served the Putnam County area for many years in many capacities. She was a dispatcher for the Putnam County for 28 yrs. And served faithfully for several EMS services in Putnam County. We are asking for cards and letters of support for her Law Enforcement and EMS families. She was a great friend to many. She leaves behind an 18 yr. old son, Sam and a twin sister Sarah and another sister Becky. Cards and letters can be sent to:  Brad Brubaker, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, 1035 Heritage Trail, Ottawa, OH 45875.  Thanks for what you do.  Anne J Barr, Communications Director, Union County Sheriff’s Office, 221 W 5th St, Marysville, OH 43040

    I'm hoping one day the fire Marshall will find out exactly who did this to our apartment. Makes me so upset to think how kids the age of 18-20 could burn down someone house because they were "bored".  I never thought this could happen to us. You hear about it and you pour your heart out to help the person you know that has just lost their home, but never thought you would lose your home to arson. Thanks everyone who has helped out! God bless (:  Taylor Lee

  • 03/01/14:  ALEISHA WILLIAMSON, CARROLL COUNTY (IN).  SUPPORT NEEDED Monday Feb. 17, Carroll County Dispatcher Aleisha Williamson was a passenger in the vehicle on SR 29 in Clinton County. The Driver lost control of the vehicle on icy roads and slid and was T-boned on the passenger’s side by another vehicle. Aleisha had her seatbelt on, but suffered many internal injuries.  The driver wasn't so lucky. She did not have a seatbelt on and ended up in the backseat from the impact. She has severe head injuries.  Aleisha has a long road to recovery and needs our prayers and support. If you would like to send a card:  Aleisha Williamson, 416 N Water Street, Camden, Indiana 46917.  On a positive note: Aleisha is now home recuperating
    On 02-27-14, my daughter's home went up in fire. They lost everthing. Only 1 child was at home and she ran to the neighbors house to call the fire dept.  I work for Peach County E-911 and have been at this department for 13 years. This is my 21st year as dispatching. If anyone can help them with anything, please let us no. I have sizes for all of them.  My daughter is a registered nurse and she has 5 children at home and 2 adults. Just a prayer or thought would help her. I can be reached at 478-822-9111 wk.  Our address is 213 Persons St. In Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030. Give me a call if you need anything more. It's heart breaking since they lost everything.  Sincerely, Cheryl Ryckman, Supervisor Peach E-911

    Sue Fleming (aka Sue Jankowski) is a 14-year veteran of our department, and while on duty January 23, 2014 Sue suffered a stroke and was taken by ambulance to the local hospital. Sue was given TPA (a medication to dissolve blood clots) and was transported by helicopter to a hospital in St. Louis Mo. Once in St. Louis, Sue was found to have a small tear on the inside of an artery in her brain stem. They are stating that there is a 3-5% chance that this could occur again within the next year. At this time it is not known what permanent damage Sue may have suffered from her stroke.   Thank you,  Shelley Milani.  This is a request for thoughts, prayers, and cards of support and encouragement.  Please send cards and letters to:  Sue Fleming, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, 404 N Van Buren St., Marion, Il 62959

    One of the Overton/Pickett 9-1-1 in Tennessee and Albany Kentucky 9-1-1 dispatchers has lost her husband after his long battle with cancer on January 25, 2014.  Melissa "Missy" Richardt's husband, George Richardt, was only 54 years old when cancer took his life. He leaves behind his loving wife and son Aaron. George has been back and forth between the nursing home and hospital for several months. Melissa has had to travel between home, work, and the hosptal/nursing home. It was George's wish to be cremated.  I know that there is nothing we can do to replace her husband, but I am hoping that we can ease some of the pain by showing her we care.  Anyone wishing to send cards, notes, or kind words can send them to:  Melissa Richardt, 255 Industrial Park Dr., Livingston, Tn 38570.  Any and all encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thank you!