2012 Activations

Due to the age of these activations, we strongly recommend checking with the agency or contact person prior to taking any action.

    ​Todd Caldwell is a dispatcher at Midwest City PSAP in Oklahoma. On Christmas Eve, while he was on duty, his house caught fire. It was a total loss including their cars. He has a wife and 16-year-old son. They could use gift cards from Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's or Home Depot. Do you have new or gently used clothes you can send? Their sizes are:  Dispatcher: Todd Caldwell – size 2XL shirts – 40 pants – 10 / 10.5 shoes; Wife: Heather – XL Shirts – 16 pants – 8.5 shoes; Son: Ford – XL Shirts – 16 Pants – 8.5 Shoes.  I am collecting donations for them so they can be sent to: 9-1-1 ACOG - Attn: Lysa Kimbrough - 21 E. Main, Suite 100- Oklahoma City, OK 73104

    ​Please add the folks at Monroe County (Rochester, NY) 911 to your prayers today. These two firefighters were also a Police Lt at Webster Police and Tomasz was a Dispatcher at Monroe County 911. Monroe County also dispatched the event. Cards and support may be sent to: Monroe County 911, 321 W Main St, Rochester NY 14608. (Kevin 911 CARES)  

    On Dec 20, 2012 at approx 2230 hours, Reno Emergency Communications lost one of their dispatch supervisors in a fatal car accident on 395 NB.  Needless to say, we have many dispatchers who are devastated as she was not only their supervisor but also their friend.  Locally, we are assisting the family with the reception needs, if agencies would like to assist please let me know. If there are any agencies that wish to send a card with encouragements and/or condolences that would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.  Anyone can reach me if they would like to help out my contact information is below:  Mail:  Jeanette Martinez Valcher, Lead Communications Specialist, C/O KB Memorial, 5195 Spectrum Blvd., Reno, Nevada 89512

    ​One of our dispatchers lost her husband to a heart attack, he was only 39-years-old. He left behind his wife and a 2½-year-old little girl. This has taken a huge toll on this center and especially the operators. Since November, this is the third death that we have had to deal with in our public safety family.  I would like to ask everyone to please pray for her and her family, and the family of the others that we have lost. The other deaths that we have dealt with is a sudden death of a Firefighter she was 39 also and left behind a family and a sudden death of a retired operator, she was 42 and left behind a family, please remember and pray for their families as well. If you have any question feel free to contact me at 706-632-6022. Thanks for everything that you do.  Our mailing address is:  Fannin Co E911, 181 Church St, Blue Ridge, Ga 30513

  • 12/15/12:  NEWTON (CT).  ACTIVE SHOOTER
    911 CARES - 100% free and confidential CISM. Having a tough time coping with a call or have you worked one of the recent tragedies? 911 CARES started a confidential help e-mail at 
    911stress@911cares.com E-mail it any time if you need an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. The e-mail goes to a team of trained stress management experts that are ALL 9-1-1 dispatchers. You do not need to share your identity and it's 100% private. Just know we are here for you in your time of need.
    Newtown Update: 
    The landline calls in Newtown go to NPD dispatch (3 Main Street-Newtown-CT-06470) and wireless calls go to the State Patrol (452A Bantam Road-Litchfield-CT-06759) Please include the State Patrol Dispatchers in your card and gift efforts, they had 3 dispatchers and a trooper working in dispatch during the shooting.
    December 14, 2012:  
    Many of you are asking for the Newtown 911 address. Here you go: Send cards, notes, caring gifts or whatever your heart tells you to: Newtown ECC Dispatch Supervisor 3 Main Street Newtown CT 06470. Make mention of 911 CARES so they know you are part of our "family of support" Share this post and PLEASE respect their request for no phone calls for a few days until things quiet down a bit.  We will share more as we get it. (Kevin and the 911 CARES team)

    One of our own, Susie Fontenot, and her husband Larry were involved in a terrible vehicle collision. Our beloved Susie broke bones in both arms and her ribs. She had to undergo surgery for repairs to her arms. Sadly, her husband, Larry, did not survive the collision.  Susie has been with Williamson County Emergency Communications (WCEC) for the past 12 years. Though she and Larry have known each other for a very long time, they only recently got married-2 months ago.  She now has the expense of replacing her vehicle, paying for the funeral costs, going through physical therapy to help regain the strength in her arms all while maintaining her day to day/monthly expenses. Unfortunately, she has already run out of all her available personal time.  It would be wonderful if we could assist Susie in offsetting some of the funeral cost ($7000) and the loss of pay. Or just let her know that y'all are thinking about and praying for her. Any financial support can be made out to Susie Fontenot and sent to:  Susie Fontenot, c/o Williamson County Emergency Communications, 508 S. Rock St, Georgetown, Texas 78626.  Susie has said numerous times how blessed she feels to have so many be concerned for her. She spent all of last year helping Larry care for his elderly, disabled, father until his recent passing and at the same time caring for Larry while he was recovering from the back injury that led to him being off work on disability. Now it's time to take care of Susie.  Thank you for your time and support, Nancy Roller

    We have received word about a 6-year-old terminally ill brain and spine cancer patient. All he wants for Christmas is to receive Christmas cards from police/fire/ems personnel. His name and address are as follows:  Nathan Norman, 81 Dunivan Drive, Rustburg, VA 24588.  We are working on spreading the word as best we can on our end and have had an overwhelming response thus far. We have taken it one step further and reached out to our friends at the United States Coast Guard and they are helping us out as well. We are looking for a way to make his wish come true and then some!  We are hoping to get as many cards, challenge coins, t-shirts, hats, etc., whatever we can get, to make this Christmas the best Christmas it can be for him! We are also planning on making a trip to visit with this young man and deliver everything we receive to him in person. A co-worker suggested reaching out to you for assistance as well. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!  Feel free to contact me if you need any further information. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!  Very Respectfully,  
    Jaime Ostrander, Dispatcher II, Charles County Department of Emergency Services
    ​From 911CARES: 
    In our busy, hectic lives, we sometimes make mistakes and someone gets short-changed. This happened recently to a very proud dispatcher who was reaching out for help. What was posted on the 911CARES website was not the entire story. We sincerely apologize for our error and hope the 9-1-1 community will help us in reaching out to provide Chad with some real support and let him know that dispatchers do care.
    Here is the full story:
    My name is Chad Weemhoff. I am a dispatcher for Vanburen County Central Dispatch in Paw Paw, Michigan and I just had a class with Doug where I learned about your agency.  On October 6, 2012 I married the love of my life and gained 3 beautiful children. Kaiden is 11, Ethan is 8 and Taie is 7. Kaiden is an amazing, inspirational girl that was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. I am grateful to call them my family and to be a part of their lives. I have been with Michele for about 3 1/2 years and we felt it was very important to get married this month (amazingly thrown together in a matter of a couple of weeks, resulting in a beautiful ceremony with us and the kids) to provide a safe, secure home for her and the kids. You see, Kaiden is struggling right now and on October 25th Kaiden will undergo MAJOR spinal surgery. She has what is called "tethered cord." It is when her spinal cord becomes tethered or grows into the surrounding muscle and skin. As she grows, the skin and muscle pull on her spinal cord causing a multitude of problems. This is a fairly common surgery for children of Spina Bifida (of course that doesn't mean its simple, if all goes well it will be an 8 hour surgery). The ironic thing is that typically a Spina Bifida child undergoes this surgery once in a lifetime. This will be Kaiden's SECOND time!  The result of her 1st was essentially the loss of the ability to walk! As you can imagine, this is a very stressful, scary time for all of us. One of Kaiden's biggest fears is that she will no longer be able to swim. She joined the local swim program this past year after several years of struggling and trying with all her might to reach that goal. Kaiden was even able to swim in her "championship meet" this summer. The season was an amazing, inspirational time for everyone that was able to see her swim, especially her coaches! I was honored to be able to be on the pool deck for each of her meets to help her out of the pool. The reaction from the crowds, her teammates and even the opposing swimmers and coaches was nothing short of amazing. Her care will be fully covered by insurance thanks to wonderful programs in Michigan but it will mean an extended recovery time for her.   While I have been dispatching for almost 9 years, I am relatively new to Vanburen Central due to consolidation. With this, I only have a small amount of "personal" time to take and no vacation time. I guess I don't really know for sure what I am asking for other than thoughts, prayers and love. I have prayed that God would provide and help us figure out how we would get through this, maybe that is why I was in the class today and why I learned about 911 cares! During the time of surgery and the hospital stay, we will rely heavily on family and friends to help us with the boys but we also feel very strongly that it is important to maintain as normal a lifestyle for the boys as we can. Unfortunately this will mean a lot of driving back and forth from the hospital to home (a little more than an hour each way). We have made arrangements to stay in a room at the hospital for a discounted rate but we will be facing financial hardships along with stress and strain along the way. We just pray that GOD shows us the way and have faith that HE will provide.  If you can reach out and offer love, thoughts, prayers or more feel free to reach out to:  Kaiden Cole, C/O Chad Weemhoff, 160 58th Street, Grand Junction, MI 49056,  (if by chance there is financial assistance please make it out in my name as Kaiden is only 11 but rest assured it would go to benefit her) God bless and thank you!  
    Chad WeemhoffProud 911 Dispatcher
    A note from 911CARES: 
    Please take a moment to send Chad a card, email or financial support. Pass the hat, draw pictures or anything that will let him know the 911 community does care. Help us “pay it forward”.

    Back in 2009, we had you do a 911 Cares Activation for us here in Washington County. One of our dispatcher’s “Kathy Repp” granddaughter was ill and needed a heart transplant. She received her transplant and all was well. She has recently taken ill again and is back in the hospital. Below is the e-mail Kathy sent out to us and I wanted to forward it on to you. Any additional info you can contactBardona Woods.  The address for Hopkins where she is located at is:  1800 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD  Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.  William C. King, ECS 5662. Washington County (MD)

    ​NYFD Hurricane Sandy Immediate Needs:
    10 Air Mattresses for dispatchers who have been relocated to unfurnished apartments if the air mattress does not come with a pump then they will need that too.  1 portable power supply pac for a sleep apnea mask.  Items should be shipped to:  SPCT Michael T. Foley NYPD, Communications Section, 11 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    As a result of a house fire, Lieutenant Cromwell’s home has been condemned and they have lost most of their possessions. All three children’s rooms were completely demolished, and the other areas sustained significant damage. The insurance company is in the process of assessing the damage and outlining the timeline until they will return to normal.  At this juncture, it appears as though they will be relocated for approximately 8 months, possibly 1 year. His insurance company will replace the majority of their possessions, and will facilitate any repairs/construction, but the Cromwell Family is in need of some immediate relief. For those of you who are interested in offering assistance, we are accepting donations of Gift Cards for his family, which consists of wife Chrystal, sons Tyler (age 15) and Brayden (age 7), daughter Madison (age 8), and two large dogs.  They are in need of Gift Cards for clothing, groceries, pet supplies, etc. as they begin to rebuild. Specifically, they shop at Giant, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Target, and Lowes. Visa gift cards would also be appreciated.  Please send/drop off any gift card donations to: “Cromwell Family Fund”, ATTN: Amanda Dell Hart, 100 North Court Street, Westminster, MD 21157.  Please keep the Cromwell’s in your thoughts and prayers. Additional information will be forthcoming as it’s learned…Marleena Kight, CCSO Dispatch

    Lisa’s son Cooper was born on October 20, 2012 6 weeks early with a heart condition called HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). The easiest way to describe this is that Cooper was born with only 3 chambers of his heart; a normal heart has 4 chambers. He is undergoing his 1st of many surgeries. The Westminster Police Department is making these HLHS Ribbons to help spread the word and to help the family with the expenses of traveling to Johns Hopkins while Cooper is in the hospital. Ribbons can be purchased for $5.00 at the Westminster Police Department.  If you have any questions you can reach me at any of this
    From Cooper's Mother on 11/08:
    "First, I'd like to thank all of you for your constant support and concern. Your love and prayers are overwhelming. I cannot begin to find the words to describe how all of this feels. Nothing could have prepared us for this journey. Cooper has more medical complications than we had anticipated. He has HLHS that is critical on its own but he has also developed brain bleeds. The bleeds are what has delayed progress with his heart condition. He had the PA Banding done at 5 days old and yesterday had a stent put in to hold the PDA open. They are constantly monitoring his brain and hoping for the best. Unfortunately they have no answers as to why this is happening and they cannot stop it. He also has kidney issues that they are calling hydronephrosis but again, they aren't sure. I do know one thing and that is that Cooper defies everything and he is a fighter. Keep praying for my Superman."

    ​Sharon Bohon retired in 2008, after 31 years of service as a dispatcher for the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. Sharon was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.  Sharon was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and is currently receiving chemotherapy. She was always there to answer a question, lend an ear, and was very often the calm in the storm whenever a stressful situation arose. Sharon was an amazing dispatcher and our agency has not been the same since her retirement. It is extremely disheartening to know that such a wonderful person is going through such a hard time.  Cards and correspondence may be sent to: Maryland Transportation Authority Police, Attn: TCO Brandi Matthews, 2301 S. Clinton St ., Baltimore, MD 21224.  TCO Brandi Matthews, Maryland Transportation Authority Police

    A note from 911 CARES: 
    We get dozens of requests every week for assistance. Many of them are heartbreaking and we know they are tough to read. We continue to post them since we hear so often how a single card or note helped someone through the toughest time of their life. This is a simple request for prayers and cards, please do what you can. You ARE making a difference!
    A couple of years ago I wrote you regarding my best friend and Communications Supervisor Misty Gammel (Hewitt PD, Hewitt, TX) who found her mother deceased. Yesterday, on October 6th (the anniversary of her mother's death), her husband, Jeff (38 yoa), started not feeling well, then started having chest pains. Jeff's mother and Misty, along with Misty's son (11 years old) were there with him, trying to get him to go to the hospital. He fell and became unresponsive and stopped breathing. His mother, who is a nurse, immediately started chest compressions. Misty's son, Wes, came to get me (I live right next door) to help. When I got there, I took over compressions. I continued compressions until the ambulance crew arrived. Jeff did not survive. Jeff, most likely suffered a fatal heart attack. Over the last six years, Misty has lost her only brother, her mother, her father, her grandmother and now her husband. Misty has very little family left and is feeling very alone. We (her PD family and my family) have surrounded her with love and prayers. I am requesting prayers for Misty and her son Wesley as they go through this very difficult time. As a side note, Jeff worked for Beverly Hills, TX police department as a communications operator for several years up until a couple years ago when he left to start a small business.  I want to say thank you for all you and your organization do for the Communications community. Misty's contact info: Misty Gammel - Hewitt Police Department, P.O. Box 610, Hewitt, TX 76643.

    It is with our deepest regret that the Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue Dept. announces the untimely death of 911 Communications Project Chief Thomas Gallagher on September 28, 2012. Tom has been employed with the City of Pembroke Pines since March 6, 1996. His duties included overseeing the 911 Public Safety Communications Center and the Emergency Operations Center. Tom was also the assigned Public Information Officer for the Fire Department.  Tom is survived by his wife Debra, children Christopher, Kayla, Meagan, Stephanie and Amanda, mother Mary Gallagher, sister Kelly Gallagher and brothers Joseph Gallagher, William Gallagher and Michael Gallagher.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Gallagher Family Education Trust.

    Sara Singleton is a police dispatcher with our department and is always upbeat and encouraging everyone around her. She is currently recovering from a medical emergency.  I thought it would be great if we could return the favor! Cards can be sent to her at the below address and we will make sure she gets them!! Thank you for everything that you do for us dispatchers!!!  Sara Singleton, c/o Howard County Police Communications, 3450 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043

    On 9-12-12, one of my dispatchers, Cherry Drake, took a call of a house fire and it turned out to be her own home. Her house burned completely down, she lost everything she had. I am contacting you all so we can come together and help her and her family. She has one son living with her. She does have homeowners insurance but we all know how that process can be. Cherry is a very dedicated employee who will come in and cover for anyone whenever she is asked. I would really like to show her that we all care. When one dispatcher is hurting we all hurt with them. Thanks so much for all that you can do. It can be a card, a encouraging word, gift cards or money we are not choosey.  Director-Starla Singleton, Address- 100 S. Dupree, Brownsville, TN 38012

    We are requesting cards or support and financial assistance for the family of Dawson County, GA 9-1-1 Director Debra Wimpy.  Even though the family has only asked for prayers, there have been a few of us who have stepped forward to ask for monetary donations to help cover hospital bills and basic expenses. Would you please help me share these links or are there any other ways that your company could assist?  Here is the link for the online fundraiser, donations are encrypted & secure. (100% of these monies will go directly to the family for medical bills & basic needs).  This family also needs lots of prayers. The dad, the sole provider, is currently unable to work, he had six broken ribs, fractured foot & other injuries. The mom has a fractured hip & a broken femur that required surgery. Lily is 6 & she had an open break on her arm that required 60 stitches during surgery. Aiden is 14 months & suffered a mild concussion. Little Nikolas suffered a traumatic brain injury & is really struggling, he been has continually placed back & forth on a vent since the accident on July 21st. & even went into cardiac arrest while Grammie (Debra) was in the room. He has since had surgery to place a tracheostomy & g-tube.  Please know that anything that you can do to assist them would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you & God bless!
     Donna Rutledge
    Sara Lique of Grafton, Vermont is a call-taker/supervisor at the Rockingham PSAP. This summer she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Sara and husband Gary have a 12 year old daughter and individually and as a group, they are in need of any and all forms of support. Sara was the go-to person in her PSAP when the statewide 9-1-1 system was upgraded last year. Though she didn’t have much experience training, Sara jumped in willingly and quickly learned the ins and outs of a completely new call handling and mapping system so she could get her fellow Rockingham staff through the inevitable challenges of ripping out the familiar and going immediately live on a new system. Sara was a shining star who got my attention and gained my respect for her calm and reassuring nature.  More information about Sara – whose condition I’m led to believe is extremely serious – should be requested from her friend and PSAP Administrator, 
    Jeanette VonFeldt.  Rockingham VSP PSAP, 1987 Rockingham Rd., Chester, VT 05143.  When Doug was doing his 911 Cares explanation, several of us talked about Sara and what she and her family are facing. At that moment I realized what 911 Cares really means. Perhaps you can add Sara and her family to your network of caring professionals.
    ​Dispatch Supervisor Sabrina Harris, in reference to her daughters, one who received a kidney transplant and the other who was the actual donor. The daughter who donated became ill just last week due to complications from the surgery and ended up being in the hospital another 5 days. Sabrina has missed time from work, as well as her finances being drained. Sabrina is my former Supervisor and a wonderful person as well. Anything that anyone can contribute will be great! Thanks!  Dispatcher Shimeka Rollins, Boynton Beach Police & Fire Dept

    Original Activation:

    ​Lois Devlin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It has been removed and will keep reoccurring. Every time it is removed they will take brain tissue with it. She has already lost her sight and will never drive again. She is only 39 years old. Her youngest daughter is a senior this year.  Lois has been with our center for 16 years. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. An account has been set up for her at Omni Credit Union. address: 207 Broadus St. Sturgis, MI 49091. Please send cards to: St. Joseph County Central Dispatch - c/o Lois Devlin, 620 East Main St. P.O. Box 66, Centreville, MI 49032.
    ​04/22/12 Update:
    Our center received terrible news today. Lois's brain tumor is back and doubled in size in a month. They are giving her about eight weeks. Her daughter graduates from high school in 7 weeks. Any support you could offer our center would be wonderful.  Thanks for your help, Candace Scott, St. Joseph County Central Dispatch Michigan
    ​08/25/12 Update:
    ​I contact you with a heavy heart, today after a 223 day battle with a brain tumor one of our dispatchers has passed away, Lois Devlin was a loyal and hard working dispatcher for the St. Joseph County Central Dispatch Center, Centreville, MI. Lois served the citizens of our county for 14 years, helping many people, saving many lives, and being there whenever anyone called. Lois took on many duties at our center and when she was first diagnosed with this terrible illness and was unable to perform her duties, we realized just how big of a role she played in the operations of our center. It is sad that we don't realize just how important a person is until they are gone. I just hope we said Thank You to Lois enough over the many years for the job she did for us.  Would send out a notice to the dispatch family through your web-site and through your magazine to pass on the sad news of the passing of one of our own.  Rest in Peace Lois Devlin.  Thank you.  Dennis Brandenburg, Supervisor, St. Joseph County E-911

    07/06/12 Original Activation:
    ​​Fort Myers Police Department welcomed Anna Coffey to the communications department in March 2012, where she is in training to become a dispatcher. Anna left work one Friday afternoon and went to the ER with excruciating back pain. Tests showed a cancerous tumor in her spine that grew and broke her vertebrae. Further tests showed spots on her liver and lung. Anna's life hung in the balance literally overnight. She needed to have immediate surgery to at least repair her back.  Unfortunately she was 15 days shy of having insurance and benefits. The doctors moved forward with the surgery and as you can imagine she is faced with a mountain of medical expenses. Anna's husband Charles had been recently laid off from his job which actually turned out to be a blessing as he can now take care of her. Anna was thrilled to get this job with FMPD and they looked forward to getting back on their feet. She is step-mom to three lovely daughters, ages 7, 11 and 12. This family is in dire need of support, as this is the battle of/for her life. Anna has begun radiation treatments which will continue for 17 days and will then be followed by chemotherapy. FMPD and our fellow dispatchers at LCSO are holding numerous fund raisers to help them. As you can imagine we are barely making a dent. We ask your support with cards, prayers and any financial assistance you feel moved to contribute. Thank you for caring... Anna and her family sure do!  [Anna Coffey] Cards may be sent to: Fort Myers Police Department, Attn: Anna Coffey, 2210 Widman Way, Fort. Myers, FL 33901.  Financial Contributions may be made to: Florida Gulf Bank, Anna Coffey Donation Account, 2247 First St., Fort Myers, FL 33901.  Thank you for all your support!  Fort Myers Police Department Communications
    08/11/12 Update:​

    Anna has completed the radiation treatments for the cancer in her back and had her port for chemo. She is in really good spirits and looks forward to testing this week to see her progress. Her chemo will begin in about a week. She is anxious to return to work and just waiting to see how she responds to the chemo first.  Anna has a wonderfully supportive family, both at home and through 911, the city, county and friends she has never met.  She needs continued encouragement, as the pain and treatments wear her down both physically and mentally. She loves the cards and friendly words and is just amazed that her new family cares so much. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers.  Anna and her family are still facing numerous medical bills due to being uninsured at the time of her hospitalization and surgery. Her benefits have kicked in and her generous co-workers in the city have donated time to help her through week by week, but the family is still financially strapped by medical bills. Any donation would be such a blessing. Thank you for anything you can do.
    Tammy Dvorak passed away this afternoon after suffering complications during a surgical procedure.  Tammy began service to the community at our Center in June of 2009 and was one of our top Communications Officers. She was committed to the safety of the Public Safety Officers she had under her charge every shift and took very seriously her responsibility to ensure the safety of the Public who called on her for help. In 2010 Tammy was awarded Rookie of the Year for our Center.  Communications Officer Tammy Dvorak is survived by her 17-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son who were the light of her life.   We ask that you keep Tammy, her family and the men and women of the Covington-Newton County 911 Center in your thoughts and prayers during the upcoming days as they all deal with this loss. The center's mailing address (for cards and letters) is:  Covington-Newton 911, 8145 Carlton Trail NW, Covington, Georgia 30014
    The Lauderdale County E-911 in Meridian, Mississippi lost a dear friend and a 14 almost 15 year dispatcher, Janice Powe of an unexpected medical emergency. She was only 38 years old, please keep our office in your prayers. The address for cards and notes is 1300 26th Ave, Meridian, MS 39301.
    Dave Moyer is currently employed as a Northumberland County Pennsylvania Dispatcher. Approximately one month ago while he was working the night shift, he went into what was thought to be a cardiac arrest. He was transported by ambulance to Geisinger Medical Center where they found that what happened to him was what they thought was some kind of seizure activity. He spent approximately three weeks on the ventilator and is now recouping from it. He has a wife and a 12-year-old daughter and could use all the support that we in public safety can give him and his family.  If anybody wishes to send cards or monetary donations they can send them to:  Northumberland County Public Safety, 911 Greenough Street, Suite 2, Sunbury PA, 17801.  Checks should be made out to Dave’s wife Donna Moyer.
    ​Tim Toth is a Susquehanna University Public Safety Dispatcher, formally a Snyder County 911 Dispatcher. He has currently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and has to travel back and forth to Chicago. His insurance is able to cover most of his treatments, although he has a lot of expenses that he is responsible for such as providing his own transportation from Pennsylvania to Chicago. While going through all of this he has a tough time supporting his family. Thought it would be nice if 911 Cares would be able to assist him during his time of need.  Anybody wishing to send monetary donations should make checks payable to Tim Toth. They can be sent to:  Susquehanna University Department of Public Safety, 514 University Ave, Selinsgrove, PA 17870
    ​We have had some inquiries regarding the Aurora theater shooting so here are the answers to frequently asked questions:  Is Aurora Dispatch combined? Yes, Aurora handles police and fire and Rural Metro handles EMS.  How many dispatchers do they have? 82 is their approximate staffing. There were approx 12-14 working at the time of the shooting.  Have they had a debriefing? Yes.  What has 911 CARES done? We have already shipped one of our "911 cares packages" with items of support and appreciation and will do more when things quiet down a bit.  What can I do? Prayers are always powerful and welcome. Cards, notes and items of support can be sent to: Aurora Communications - Dispatch Ctr, Attn: Julie Buck, 23911 E Arapahoe Rd., Aurora, CO 80016.  PS- We also want to mention Adams County, Denver, Colorado State Patrol and ALL of the many auto and mutual aid agencies. Keep them in your hearts this weekend and always.  Kevin and the 911Cares Team

    ​Emily Weber a Communications Officer for the Rawlins Police Department gave birth to a baby girl Mckenzie Leigh Weber on Friday, July 27. Due to complications the baby was not breathing on her own and had to be flown to Denver Children’s Hospital and is now on a respirator. Although Emily and her husband Chris do have medical insurance, the travel costs and expenses will add up quickly. Most of their family is in Michigan so co-workers are their main support system. They are on a waiting list for Ronald McDonald house but we don’t know when they may be able to stay there. Emily’s husband Chris works at the Wyoming State Penitentiary and may end up losing pay to stay with his family in Denver.  Emily and Chris, high school sweethearts, moved from Michigan to Wyoming for better job opportunities. Emily has worked with the Rawlins Police Department for almost 2 years. They traveled to Michigan a year ago in May for their wedding and then planned for this baby. They have anxiously anticipated her birth as have Emily’s co-workers at the Police Department. We are a very small agency therefore, we are all extremely close knit. Emily and Chris are part of our family and we want to do whatever we can to help.  We are requesting an type of assistance available, cards, letters and any financial assistance will greatly be appreciated so that this family can be together in Denver until Mckenzie is able to come home.  At this time we don’t have a financial goal, but any money received will be given to the family for expenses incurred while staying in Denver and traveling back and forth. A trip from Denver to Rawlins is approximately a 4 hour drive.  Contact can be made at Rawlins Police Department with
    Valeta Rodabaugh Communications SupervisororChristine Makinen Sr. Communications Officer. Our agency will be working on other fund raising ideas and will hopefully open an account at the end of this week for donations. Until that time anything can be sent to Emily Weber, c/o Rawlins Police Department, PO Box 953, Rawlins, Wyoming 82301.
    Original Request:
    Donna Wilkerson has a serious medical problem and will probably be out on medical leave for many months. Donna Wilkerson has worked for St. Clair County –CENCOM 911 for 16 years as a Telecommunicator and for the past five years as a shift Supervisor. We dispatch for 50 agencies – Police, Fire and EMS. Unfortunately, just like most of us in the dispatch world, we are passionate about taking care of our citizens but it seems we are the last to help ourselves. Donna has been experiencing severe headaches for the past year, she finally went to the doctor who sent her for tests and it was revealed that she has two brain aneurisms on both sides of her head.On June 6, 2012, Donna had her first of two brain operations.  She will be out of sick time long before her next operation. Donna is a single mother of a teenage daughter “Emily” and is very worried about living expenses while she is out on family leave.  If anyone would to be so kind as to donate toward her fund, they may do so by making checks payable to the “Donna Wilkerson Fund”, C/O St. Clair County – Cencom, 101 S. 1st Street, Belleville, Illinois 62220. If not able to donate, anyone wishing to send get well cards would be very much appreciated. Thank you “ 9-1-1 Cares” for sharing this information.  Respectfully,  Patty Michaels, Cencom Communications Manager, St. Clair County CENCOM. M.A.B.A.S Division 32, 101 South 1st St Suite B, Belleville, IL 62220
    Today was her second surgery this was the major brain surgery that may affect her speech. She is in recovery. She lost her younger brother while she was recovering from her first brain surgery in June and her spirits are very low, if any department could send her a get well card that would mean the world to her. Thanks in advance for the care you give to all of us.

    I am writing you because a 10+ year vertern at Murphysboro Police Department is preparing for open heart surgery for his 6-year-old daughter Gracie.  Travis has a heart disease and has undergone numerous surgeries and has a pace maker. His daughter inherited the same heart disease he has been faced with his whole life. Due to Travis's ongoing problems he is out of sick time and finaces are tight. Any and all help is appreciated and can be sent to:  Murphysboro Police Department, Travis Brouillette, 202 N 11th, Murphysboro IL 62966.  Your organization is very much appreciated. Travis and I have made donations to other 911 dispatchers from the 911Cares website. He is a great man and it saddens all of us to see him go through this! Its nice to let him know he is not alone during his struggles!  Thank you....Heather D. Foley, Telecommunicator, Murphysboro Police Department

    Original Activation:
    Two of our veteran dispatchers with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (Memphis, TN), Tanya Pressgrove and Brandy Frye, have a family member in need of help.  Tanya’s grandson and Brandy’s second cousin, Brendon Gay, is 2½-years-old and suffers from a condition known as Short Bowel Syndrome (also known as Short Gut Syndrome).  Brendon spent his first 17 months of his life in the hospital and has lost his large intestine, the duodenum, and the majority of his small intestine shortly after his birth.  December 6th, Brendon was in crisis and the family was urged to make final plans. However, Brendon is a fighter and is now in stable condition. Tanya has been a caregiver to Brendon, and Brendon’s younger brother Cody (1-year-old) who suffers from the same condition as his big brother. Cody’s condition is not as severe as Brendon’s but still requires daily medical support (feeding tubes, medication, etc). Cody spent approx his first 10 months hospitalized and still requires frequent trips to the emergency room.  It is our hope that through the generosity of others that we can help support the family as they travel out of state for Brendon’s upcoming transplant if he is selected as a candidate. Gift cards, national fast-food chain gift certificates, gas cards, Wal-Mart cards, and VISA gift cards would be most helpful. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.  Cards and letters can be sent to:  Brandy Frye, 5527 Bartlett Grove Cv, Bartlett, TN 38134  For any other questions or information you can contact me. Thanks in advance!!  
    Diana Roberts, Senior Dispatcher, Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Memphis, TN
    ​​I would like to update you all on little Brendon Gay’s condition. July 10, 2012 the family received the phone call they had been waiting for since December, 2011. There was a donor organ and they had to get to Nebraska right away. July 12, 2012 Brendon had a successful intestine transplant and continues to recover in the NIC unit. Brendon’s grandmother, Tanya Pressgrove, a veteran dispatcher of 20 years, is in Nebraska for the next month. Brendon and his mother will remain there for the next 6 months for medical reasons. Prayers for the next few days that there is no bleeding and no clotting are requested.  The family has also asked for prayers for the family that lost their child. The gift they have given Brendon and other children cannot be put into words. Cards and letters can be sent to:  Brandy Frye, 5527 Bartlett Grove Cv, Bartlett, TN 38134.

    ​Yesterday we lost our brother, friend, co-worker, and one of the best dispatchers that ever did this job. We are coming together as a dispatch family and as a law enforcement family but it would be nice for Dominic to be recognized for his love of the job, in and out of the comm center. I have included the newspaper articleregarding his passing. Please let me know if you need anymore information. Thank you in advance.  Mary Lou Taylor, Sheriff's 911 Communications Officer II, Riverside County Sheriff's Department
    Central Dispatch, 7195 Alessando Blvd., Riverside, CA 92506

    ​Mary Lou Perez, a 15 year veteran Dispatcher with the Joint Powers Communications Center (widely known as “ Downey Fire”-we dispatch for Downey, Compton, Vernon and Santa Fe Springs, California) returned home on Saturday morning, July 7th after working her nightshift. Her 25-year-old son, Craig Perez, Jr, “C.J.” was still in his bedroom and she decided to let him sleep in a bit as he works hard with his dad full time at their family owned plumbing business. She finally decided to wake him…but when she entered his room she quickly recognized something was wrong. Her mother and EMD skills went into effect as she tried to revive her son-but to no avail.  Mary Lou and her family are reeling from this unexpected tragedy and are struggling to cope both emotionally and financially. Cards, letters of support and advice, prayers and donations will be all gratefully accepted as Mary Lou and our entire Dispatch Center tries to figure out how to deal with this event.  Please send cards and letters to Mary Lou Perez c/o JPCC 12222 Paramount Blvd , Downey CA 90242.  Donations can also be sent to the above address or directly to the City of Downey Federal Credit Union- checks made out to the Craig Perez, Jr Memorial Fund, 11111 Brookshire Avenue, Downey CA 90241. As of now, all funds raised are to help cover funeral costs and we are trying to raise at least $8,000.00. Any excess of funds will be donated to one of C.J.’s favorite charities.  Thank you for taking the time to send whatever emotional or financial assistance you can offer to help one of our Dispatcher Family members.  Tracy J. Gonzales, Communications Supervisor, Joint Powers Communications Center, 12222 Paramount Blvd., Downey CA 90242

    ​Dispatcher Deanna Darby has worked for San Bernardino Police Department for 12 years. on July 3rd at 23:17 her daughter Deven Dolezal, 22yo. was killed in a horrific car accident in Hemet on her way home from having watched the veterans firework show at Riverside National Cemetery. An SUV side swiped a vehicle and then went into oncoming lanes hitting Deven head on. The SUV was also engulfed in flames and the driver of that vehicle died. When Deven didn't arrive home, Deanna went looking for her and sadly came upon the crash site. Deven's boyfriend Rory and Deanna's boyfriend's daughter Megan Wagner, 16yo were also in the vehicle. Megan is in critical condition with head trauma. Deanna is not able to fully grieve her daughter because she and her boyfriend, Tim Wagner, are having to focus on the health of Megan.   Please keep her in your prayers.   Thank You, Jean Marie McAllister, San Bernardino Police Dispatch 

    ​I am sending this email on behalf of all of us at the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Marion, IL. We recently found out that Ronnie (Veronica) Taylor, our only Civilian Telecommunicator who began her career here on January 9, 2011, has Cancer (once again).  First, let me begin by saying that Ronnie is a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR, 10 years in remission. She recently went to the doctor on June 25, 2012 with chest pains, only to find out that she has Stage 4 Cancer in her Spine, Ribs, Sternum and possibly her liver.  Ronnie has a 15 year old daughter named Tia, who is her world. Ronnie hasn’t asked anyone for anything, but we are in the process of getting a fundraiser put together to help with the costs that will surely arise during this crisis in her life.  We would also like to request donations in her name (or just cards of encouragement would suffice) to our Sheriff’s Office. Please feel free do so to the following:  Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, ATTN: Ronnie Taylor Fundraiser, 200 W. Jefferson St., Marion, IL 62959.  We appreciate your activation on behalf of us for Ronnie. We love her and would also appreciate any and all prayers sent this way!  Thank you guys again…take care and God bless.  Sue Fleming

    ​Aaron Marquez suffered a massive heart attack back on June 24th. He underwent open heart bypass surgery the following day. Everything went well with the surgery and he is now recovering at home. He will probably be out of work from 4 to 8 weeks. He’s only 33, is a single dad with two kids, works three jobs to support his family and volunteers as a firefighter at White Settlement Fire Department. Tarrant County Fire Alarm, the White Settlement Fire Department along with the River Oaks Fire Department are holding a benefit to raise money to help support Aaron in his time of need. Any funds raised will be used to support Aaron and his family needs as well as assist in paying medical deductibles.  Contact information:  Cory Newby, Operations Manager, Tarrant County Fire Dispatch 

    April Brooks has lost her younger brother DJ Brooks in an tragic accident today. DJ was 24-years-old and while fishing today in a kayak with his girlfriend he had a medical issue, fell out of the boat and drowned. April is also a 911 dispatcher and was on duty while this call came in. She helped dispatch the call and immediately left for the hospital. Tragically, we were unable to resuscitate DJ and he passed away.  This is obviously a huge blow to the Brooks family and all of us at OAA. Earlier this year, April also lost her older sister to a long and painful disease. This has obviously caused significant emotional and financial strain on the family. This is the third untimely death of an immediate family member that April and her parents have endured in the last 6 months. We are now looking to you, Public Safety professionals, to assist our colleague and friend, April Brooks, by helping with the funeral costs.  The Brooks Family Fund has been created to help our colleague in need.  Please consider a donation to:  The Brooks Family Fund, Waterbury Firefighters Federal Credit Union
    601 Watertown Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06708 Thank you, Madalene.  

    ​Gayla Blevens has been diagnosed with cancer. She is currently out on Family Med Leave and being treated in Tulsa. She has another appt in Tulsa on July 5th. Problem is money. The city gave me a mere $110.00 for travel. She said that probably won't even cover gas. Plus she has to pay for food since her sister is there with her.  We've been passing the hat and barely getting by. I'm running out of options as they told her if she's not back by Aug 22nd, she has no job. We're already down one dispatcher because of a retirement and are a small agency. We can't afford to loose someone who has her talent and experience. I know I'm out of turn asking you but we're out of ideas. Whatever you can do or any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.  For more information contact: Lawrence Roche

    ​Bob, who has been with Lockhart PD for over 3 years, now, is no stranger to the law enforcement community. He previously worked for another county sheriff's department for several years, where his son-in-law is currently employed as a deputy.   Bob's daughter Kelly, 28, severely disabled since childhood, is in critical condition and remains in ICU at an area hospital. Kelly has had respiratory issues in the past, which have since been resolved. However, now, her tracheotomy, carotid artery and heart have had to undergo surgical repair. While the operations were successful, she is still not out of the woods and has begun to suffer seizures. Every day is a roller coaster ride for Bob and his family, who remain by Kelly's bedside watching over her as she fights for life.  Our dispatch center is reaching out to our extended communications family for emotional support, thoughts, and prayers for Bob, as he and his family cope with this crisis. You can mail your cards of support to:  Bob Harvey, c/o Lockhart Police Department, 214 Bufkin Lane, Lockhart, TX 78644.  Thanking everyone in advance for your love, support and prayers...Michelle Black - Communications Supervisor/TAC

    On 11/21/2011, we had requested an activation for Bill Lamberson, a dispatcher with 32+ years of service for a sudden terminal illness and although we shall miss him, he is now pain free and manning the radios up above.  When you work in our profession you often see coworkers more than your own family. Even more importantly, you handle calls and deal with things normal human beings shouldn't have to experience - the bond of life literally lost on the other end of the line - fire, destruction, children drowning, officers screaming for help...we share this insane, hectic, stress-filled wonderfully amazing world where the odd chances are that you hear that baby cry, you hear life! You slam the nasty sex offender off the street or help a family find their way out as their home crumbles around them. In sharing this crazy world you become a tight nit second family & to lose a brother like we have today...to watch him suffer all this time but stay strong to the very end - it is a loss that I could never fully explain to anyone. Big Dog was on my shift for the majority of my career & most of my family spent even longer with our legend, "The Voice of Allegany County." I am so happy for him now, so glad he has no pain or anguish, but the selfish part of me wants him back beside me in his chair, singing his funny songs with Johnny Cash cranked up...or wheeling the big yellow of Barton Fire Company...our hearts are broken. We thank you for your prayers through his illness and ask to please pray now for peace that passes all understanding to his family, fire department, and our dispatchers who loved him so. We are devastated without his laugh, that mischievous smile that could carry for miles & will light up heaven & our hearts forever. Rest in eternal peace our brother, for you have fought the good fight...we love you Big Dog. ♥

    ​Longtime Public Safety Dispatcher Jodi Boles lost her beloved partner, Michelle Renee Pruitt, on Tuesday, May 1. Michelle's death came just three days after a brain hemorrhage left her on life support while friends and family rushed to her side, praying that she would beat the long odds against her.  Sadly, Michelle died just seven days short of her 32nd birthday. Jodi and the extended family they had created together were by her side at the end. Jodi unselfishly donated Michelle's organs to strangers awaiting just such life-saving gifts.  The brutal suddenness of Michelle's death has left her family and friends devastated, and we, her dispatcher family, would appreciate any cards and letters of support for Jodi. It's times like these when the caring community of dispatchers nationwide can come together and help lift up one of our own.  We also would appreciate any financial contributions to help Jodi pay for the enormous medical and burial bills she faces as a result of this tragedy. Any donation would be gratefully accepted, but simply sending a card of support would be a wonderful way to show Jodi that she is not alone as she faces this ordeal.  Please send cards, letters and donations to Jodi Boles, c/o Santa Cruz Regional 911, 495 Upper Park Rd, Santa Cruz, CA 95065.  Thank you, 911Cares, for helping us share Jodi's story.

    Communications Officer Brenda Sampson has been with the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Houston, Texas for 12 years. She has been unable to work since October 2011 due to a lengthy illness. She has had to endure seven surgeries to aid in circulation and fight infection that has set in her right foot. All of her paid benefits have been exhausted and is she currently not able to work to earn a paycheck. We are seeking help to get Brenda back on her feet. With her benefits exhausted, she now has to pay for her medical insurance out of her own pocket in addition to pay her living expenses. Brenda is a valued member of our PSAP who goes the extra mile for her co-workers and every 9-1-1 call that she handles. In 2007, the State of Texas recognized her as Telecommunicator of the Year for helping a citizen through the traumatic shooting of her boyfriend.  Monetary donations would be greatly appreciated to help Brenda with her medical expenses. Donations can be made payable to:  Communications Fund, C/O Brenda Sampson, Communications Division, 1301 Franklin St., Houston, Texas 77002.  Your assistance in this activation is greatly appreciated.  Lisa Dodson, ENP, 9-1-1 Coordinator, Communications Division

    ​Our week celebration for National Telecommunicators Week, has turned very bitter. Last evening, our on-duty Dispatcher was notified her husband was involved in a Motorcycle accident. It was shortly thereafter that we were notified her husband did not survive the crash. Lynn Winkelman has been Full Time with the Harvard Police Department since June of 2011 but has been with us since early 2004 as a Part-Time Dispatcher. Prior to working full time with Harvard, she was Full Time at Marengo Police Department.  Her husband was a Full Time Captain for the Huntley Fire Protection District for 24 years. He is very well respected person in his profession and Lynn is a very well-liked dispatcher with us. I’m asking for some emotional support for the Winkelman Family and Captain Winkelmans fellow brothers at the Huntley Fire Protection District.  Here is thearticle.  Cards of support can be sent to:  Lynn Winkelman, Harvard Police Department, 201 W. Front St., PO Box 310, Harvard, IL 60033.  Thanks for this Kevin!  Michael Vest, Supervisor of Telecommunications

    ​The Stanislaus Regional 911 Center handled an Officer death today. They have lost a deputy to a shooting. The suspect ambushed the deputy and a civilian while they were serving an eviction notice. They were both killed. Stanislaus County has been taking some big hits and their dispatchers could sure use some help. I think they will definitely need some emotional support. I know they would appreciate any help they can get. Their contact information is below. Thank you so much.  **The note above was written by a dispatcher in a neighboring agency. How kind of that person to reach out and want to help the neighboring agency. At 911 CARES, we ask that you send cards or letters to:  Stanislaus Regional 911, Attn: Supervisor McFadon, 3705 Oakdale Road, Modesto, CA 95357 

    One of our dispatchers, Tiffany Cissel, was on duty answering 911 calls Saturday, March 24, and took a call reporting a structure fire in her hometown. She quickly realized the fire was at her own home. She was relieved of duty and left for home only to find out that the house was totally engulfed before she arrived. Tiffany lost everything in the fire; all she has is her uniform.  The local Red Cross chapter was able to provide a place to stay for a couple of nights but she is now facing the fact of literally starting all over again. Her co-dispatchers are trying to collect donations to help her out but it will certainly be a long road to recover from such a devastating event.  If anyone would care to make a small donation to help Tiffany get back on her feet, please forward it to Lt Mark Brooks, Maine State Police Troop F, 1 Darcie Drive, Houlton ME 04730. If unable to make a donation, that is understandable, and we would be grateful on her behalf for cards and notes of encouragement.  Thanks 911Cares, and keep up the good work.  Kevin Scott, Operations Manager, Houlton Regional Communications Center

    On November 29, 2011, dispatcher Merry Rooks was getting up to go to work on her late night shift when she suffered a massive stroke. The stroke originally paralyzed Merry’s right side and took out her speech. With therapy, Merry has regained the majority of the function of her hands and feet, however she still walks slowly with a cane. Merry’s speech is still effected badly and she is still in therapy.  Merry has been a member of the dispatch family for many years.   We are reaching out to our dispatcher family through 911 Cares in hope to help Merry. Merry will need intensive speech therapy and in order to get this, she has a $1,000 out of pocket up-front cost.  Merry is currently living with her daughter and family due to the risks she has of living alone and not being able to drive to her doctor appointments. With continued therapy, they hope to get Merry well enough to be able to live in an apartment on her own. With your help we would like to make this therapy possible for Merry. Any monetary donations would be very beneficial for her care and letters of well-wishes to inspire Merry would also be appreciated.  If the tables were turned, Merry would be the first to help out and be there for any one of us in this situation. Merry’s address and email are listed below and thank you for whatever you can do for Merry! We appreciate your support!  Merry Rooks, Johnson Co Emergency Communication Center, 4529 Melrose Ave, Iowa City IA 52246
    Email address: hopeformerry@jecc-ema.org.  Submitted by:  Debbie Klein and Sandy Heick, Dispatchers, JECC

    Rebecca (Becky) Watkins was involved in a major accident yesterday in Oklahoma. She was in her jeep when she over corrected and flipped the vehicle 3 times, Becky was ejected from the vehicle and is now in critical care at Plano Medical Center in Plano, TX. She is also a 19 year veteran dispatcher from our agency here at The Colony Police Department.  She is still in our "Family" here at the Police Department and we appreciate all you can do. Doctors have advised Becky will be in critical care unit 4-7 days in order to allow contusions on her lungs to heal enough to even consider her breathing on her own. She is still considered a trauma 1 until she is off the ventilator. He also says that although she is still in critical condition that she is doing remarkably well, and that as long as no infections/pneumonia surface that he doesn't believe she is terminal. He said she is in for a very long recovery. There will be extensive surgeries for her crushed scapula and pelvis. All vital organs are in good shape(except lung) and working. Neurological team says she is a miracle! Becky is the only employed member of her family unit, any help we can get for her would be accepted sir.  What she needs now is prayers an when she gets out of ICU, she would probably appreciate cards and notes that family can read her and decorate her room with.  Mailing Address:  Becky Watkins, c/o The Colony Police Department, 5151 N Colony Blvd, The Colony, TX 75056.  Thank you so very much, Melonie Nelson #355, Communications Officer, The Colony Police Department, 5151 N. Colony Blvd., The Colony, TX 75056

    ​Both Donnell and Albin Jeansonne have worked for the sheriff's office for over 9 years and after dealing with the horrific tragedies of Hurricane Katrina and Rita years later God blessed them with their wonderful bundle of joy Albin III. Known as AJ is only 2-years-old and has recently been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor located on the brain stem and has worked its way down through his spine. He will be having one of possibly many surgeries on Monday, March 13th, 2012. After surgery he will have to undergo several chemo and radiation treatments.  We are asking help for the medical bills they will encounter over time. At this time AJ has impaired speech, ability to swallow, eat, drink, breath and even walk on his own. When just a few weeks ago you could find him running circles around the pants leg of his mother or father. I have attached a link of theGive Forward accountthat has been created in support of AJ. Cards of support or gifts can be sent to: St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office, Attn Andrea Preveau, 8001 West St. Bernard Highway, Suite E, Arabi, LA 70092.  Thank you, Andrea Preveau, St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office, 8001 West St. Bernard Highway, Suite E, Arabi, LA 70092

    Dara Nolan first son, Jonathan Thomas in March of 2004, born with a debilitating condition called, Agenesis of Corpus Callosum. Then in 2007, she had her second son, Christopher Alexander, sadly born with the same condition.  In remarkable fashion, she has managed to work full-time and deal with all the challenges of raising her two beautiful boys. We know Dara will never experience the joy of a hug, a kiss or even the words of “Mommy, I love you!” But for those of us that have watched and admired her resilience with such a positive and adoring attitude with her two sons, we know is unspokenly received.  Along the way have been may hospital visits and surgeries, most recently a serious setback with J.T., her oldest son. What started out seeming to be flu-like symptoms became pneumonia, followed by a grand mal seizure, to being placed on a respirator.  Over the past eight years, Dara has not complained, nor expected pity or assistance. As you can only imagine all of this has taken a toll on the family emotionally and financially. But for Dara she has now exhausted all of her leave, jeopardizing her financial situation further.  I respectfully request that you keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers, and for those that are able, to donate time to keep her in paid status through this difficult time.  May God bless you and your families, especially those of you with children, be grateful and get and give that kiss, hug and “I love you” that my friend Dara will never experience with her two wonderful boys.  Respectfully, written by a co-worker Cheryl Blevins  Support can be sent to:  "Duran, Natalie (MDFR)", 12431 SW 204 Terrace, Miami, FL 33177

    ​Pauline Triolo is currently assigned as the Commander of the Communications Division for the Slidell Police Department. Pauline has recently announced that she was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and is receiving treatment at the "Cancer Center of America" in Tulsa, OK.  A fund raiser is being organized to help Pauline with her medical expenses and treatment at the Cancer Center. Local organizers have also put together a car show, silent auction, food, drinks and many more for the entire family.  If you'd like to volunteer in anyway to help out with this event or additional information, please call Alayna Wilcox Secretary Chief of Police Slidell Police Department (985) 646-4285 or Lois Steele Deputy Commander Communications Slidell Police Department (985) 643-3131. Donations and items for the silent auction can be sent to:  Slidell Police Department - Attn Lois Steele, 2112 Sgt Alfred Drive, Slidell, LA 70458

    ​Friday, March 2, a tornado struck in Paulding County, Georgia. One of the residences that was the hardest hit was that of Bree Laas, a Communications Officer with Paulding County E-9-1-1. Bree, her husband Adam and their 6-month-old daughter Sarah lost everything in the storm including their home, cars and clothing. They escaped by seeking shelter in the closet and when they emerged, their house along with all of their personal property was a complete loss.  Bree is a long time, dedicated Public Safety employee and a member of our Tactical Dispatch Team. Any donations are appreciated. A fund has been set up through Wells Fargo Bank. Make checks out to the "Laas Family Fund" and mail checks to Bree at Paulding County E911, 25 Industrial Way North Suite 10, Dallas, Ga. 30132.   WALMART AND TARGET gift cards are suggested.  SIZES: Bree; women's size 14 clothes, Size 9 shoes.  Husband; 2x shirts Xl athletic sweats (can't wear normal blue jeans due to a back injury)  Baby- Please send WalMart or Target gift cards. Friends, family and the Red Cross have provided baby clothes and formula. They do need diapers and other baby needs.   Submitted by David Mumford Director Paulding County E911  

    ​Heather has been with The Baltimore County 911 Center as a 911 Operator for the past 14 years, but her association with our center runs even deeper. Recently, Heather found out that her youngest son, Caleb, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), at only 4-years-old. Caleb had fallen while out at a play area with some friends. When he came home he was tired and nauseous, Heather and her husband took him to the hospital where they found out that he had a concussion. The nurses sent his blood work to be tested and found that his blood platelets were low.  On the recommendation of the doctors, they were advised to see Caleb’s pediatrician and have the blood work done again. The results of the second test confirmed what the initial results were. The Baker’s then contacted The John Hopkins Hospital. Additional tests were conducted and the results were not positive. Heather has missed a lot of time trying to keep up with her son’s doctor appointments and other health related issues. She has exhausted all of her sick leave at this time.  Caleb is being treated at John Hopkins Hospital and they are making weekly, if not more often, visits to the hospital from their home for his Chemotherapy. With the rising cost of gas, having to pay for tolls, and parking at the hospital these expenses are taking a toll on the family’s income.  Our center has made donations towards Caleb but we can only do so much. Anything that you could do to help the Baker Family would be greatly appreciated. Heather has set up a journal where she actively updates Caleb’s situation. This allows her fellow coworkers, friends, and family to follow Caleb’s progress.  Caleb’s Story can be followed through anaccount at Caring Bridge. Any support in the form of greeting cards, letters of support, monetary donations, gas cards, gift cards, etc would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to:  Heather Baker, C/O Baltimore County, 911 Center, 401 Bosley Ave, Towson, MD 21204.  Thank you in advance for your words and thoughts, Mary Weinreich-Ritchie

    Last night, we had a high speed chase through our county. It ended with an 8-hour stand-off on the freeway that runs through our city. Our center director, Jeff Dial, got in incident command and drove up to the scene. About an hour into the incident, he began complaining of chest pain and was transported by ambulance to the hospital. He died of an aortic tear early this morning.  Jeff was the most amazing supervisor any of us ever had. He was on the Utah State 911 Committee and did a lot for this state's 911 system. He worked for our dispatch center for 20 or so years after leaving the Los Angeles Fire Department where he was a paramedic. I really am at a loss for words to try to describe the type of supervisor he was. I think of the FISH philosophy when I try to describe his style. We all loved him and morale was very high. He truly cared about each one of us and it's going to be very hard to work without him. My phone's been ringing all morning with dispatchers sobbing. It's hard on us all.  That, in and of itself, is hard, but we'll pull through. I'm worried about his family, though. Jeff leaves behind several children. Most of them are grown, but one is a down syndrome child. I'm not sure how much he had in life insurance, but it will be hard for his wife to work to support them while taking care of her. I'm sure his life insurance will pay for the funeral and maybe some bills, but I really don't see how she's going to be able to work while supporting her child - especially after such an unexpected death.  I know there are a lot of other dispatchers who have needs as well, but I appreciate you listening to this also.  Thank you again for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, please feel free toe-mail me.   Thank you again in advance. I really appreciate the work you all do to help dispatchers in need.  Tyler Johnson, St. George Police Communications, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, 265 N 200 E, St. George, Utah 84770​

    ​Just wanted to update you all on Clinton County Dispatcher Teresa Coffey, sadly her battle ended January 23,2012 with family and friends at her bedside. Thank you all for sending those beautiful cards she loved each and every one of them and was amazed by the outpouring of support. Please continue to keep her family in your prayers.  Melissa Richardt, Clinton County 911 Dispatcher
    Kimble Rodriguez has been serving Eddy County, NM for over 7 years and dispatching for 5 and a ½ of those. He currently serves as a First Line Supervisor for the Regional Emergency Dispatch Authority (REDA), located in Artesia, NM. For the last few months, Kimble has been plagued with various illnesses and has been generally under the weather. Multiple trips to the emergency room shed no light on the cause of Kimble’s illness but he progressively became worse. On 2/13/12 at approximately 0230, Kimble’s wife, Angela, called 911 to report that he was combative, incoherent and disoriented. Paramedics arrived to find him unresponsive and all indications were that he had suffered a stroke. Kimble was admitted into Carlsbad Medical Center ICU where he was apparently under siege from a mysterious infection causing his blood pressure to be irregular and an intense fever that would continue for several days. As if all of that wasn’t enough, his kidneys were beginning to fail. On 2-16-12, Kimble was transported via medivac plane to Albuquerque, NM, over 4 hours from his home in Carlsbad and his REDA family located in Artesia.  Angela, his wife, went to Albuquerque to be with him. His two young adult children and his young son, Matt (age 6) have remained in Carlsbad to handle affairs and make preparations for Angela’s continued stay in Albuquerque.  Kimble is still on a breathing tube and under sedation. On the bright side, his blood pressure, sugar, and temperature have all been managed and stabilized. The infection has been managed as well but Kimble will require dialysis for an indefinite period of time and his recovery will be a long one due to the various rigors and ailments his body has sustained over the last few days and previous weeks.  The REDA family has established a benefit account at Wells Fargo Bank to assist Kimble’s family. The account number is 2554376448. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated as REDA attempts to lessen the financial blow of this emergency situation on the Rodriguez family. Well wishes can be directed to REDA at P.O. Box 450, Artesia, NM 88211 or dispatch@eddy911.com. If you wish to make a contribution to his benefit account but have difficulties in doing so, you can reach Director Jenny Rennie to assist you.  God bless and keep you all.  Sincerely, Dee Williams, Chief of Operations/CTO/TAC
    ​Last Friday, one of our dispatcher's, Dedria Brown, was severely injured in a hunting accident, accidentally discharging her rifle into her abdomen when it struck the ground. She is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and we are beyond shocked and in disbelief that something could happen to one of our own even though we know the possibility is always there.  Now Dedria is the one that is fighting the fight to make it back. She's in Atlanta Medical Center, she's had two surgeries and is expected to recover but it's going to be a long road back for her.  Please ask the 911 community to keep her and her family in their prayers that she's back with us soon, sharing her beautiful smile and disposition that keeps us all in good spirits.  Thank you, Chris Acosta

    One of our dispatchers, Jenni Cain, just found out that her husband has Stage 4 Colon Cancer that has migrated to his lymph nodes and possibly his liver. They are a very young couple (mid 20's) with two young children. We are in a very rural area and they will be dealing with travel expenses as well as the expenses associated with treatment.  Jenni has been with our center for a few years and is a dedicated, talented dispatcher, call taker that always has a laugh at the ready. Our center is very small so every one of us feels the devastation and hurt she is experiencing.  Any support in the form of greeting cards, letters of support, monetary donations, gas cards, gift cards, etc would be greatly appreciated.  Please send to:  Jenni Cain, c/o Washington-Yuma Combined Communications, PO Box 96, Yuma CO 80759.  Thank you for your words and thoughts.  Chan McCall​

    Kelly Olson is in need of help and prayers. Kelly and her husband lost everything but what they were wearing in a house fire last night.  If you need to contact the BCSO their number is 254-435-2363. Sharon Wilson is heading up help for Kelly there. - Thanks so much, Katie Glenn.  In addition to losing their home, their 2 cars, they also lost all of their belongings.  After speaking with Kelly's daughter, she said they have nothing so anything is appreciated. Dan wears 2xl shirt and 42x36 pants. Kelly wears XL shirt and 18 pants. It can be sent to the Bosque Co. SO at 305 W. Morgan St, Meridian Tx, 76665 C/O Kelly Olson.

    ​On December 29, 2011, SLC AIrport Dispatch Operations Coordinator David Sohler was traveling between Tooele and Salt Lake City when his vehicle was struck by the base of a road sign that was flung through his windshield by another car. David sustained massive injuries to his face and shoulder and was transported by life flight to the hospital in critical condition. David's injuries included a broken clavicle, shattered jaw, skull fracture, concussion and broken teeth. His injuries were severe enough that he given a tracheotomy and was put into a drug induced coma temporarily to assist with his pain. David underwent repair to his clavicle on December 30 and received extensive surgery to begin the reconstruction of his jaw on January 2, 2012. His jaw will be wired shut for the next two months.  David has a long road ahead of him. He is making good progress every day and was able to walk a short distance yesterday (the 3rd). His wife has been by his side and his family and friends are there to support him.  We would like to ask everyone to keep David and his family in their prayers. There is a facebook page for him that his family updates regularly. Cards and well wishes would be very much appreciated.  News story.  Address to send cards of encouragement:  IMC Hospital - David Sohler - 5121 Cottonwood Street - Murray, UT 84107.  Facebook page designed by the family.