PSTC is committed to the emotional support and recognition of dispatchers.  Proceeds from the sales of 911CARES products help us in reaching those goals but we need your help too.  911CARES means 9-1-1 professionals supporting 9-1-1 professionals.  When we hear of an event or tragedy that affects our family of emergency communications professionals, we will post it here. If you hear of an event where 911CARES can help with emotional support or more, please email us. If you don't hear from us within one business day, please follow-up with a phone call!  Call us at 650-595-5202 x102 or 103!  The pictures to the right are just a few of our 911CARES projects.

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​Most current:

    Suzanne Fred has been a very significant part of so many peoples lives for almost 30 years. She began working for Boone County 911 Center 29 years ago, and has been a supervisor for the past 14 years. She was a very important part of our team. We can't even begin to tell you all the wonderful things about her or just how important she is to each of us.  Suzanne was diagnosed with Pancreatic and Liver Cancer on March 25th, 2015. The prognosis was not the best and they immediately began treatment on March 30th, 2015, and chemo began on April 1st, 2015. She has since received some better news and that the type of cancer she has is rare, appears to be more treatable than they originally thought. We were all relieved to hear the more uplifting prognosis, and to know she's going to be around to take care of us for years to come!!  On April 20th, 2015, Suzanne received a port implant which will be used for her chemo treatments. As most of you know, insurance does not cover enough to take care of her.  Suzanne continued to work and missed as few days as possible. She even came in after chemo treatments. She is one of the most dedicated people our department has ever seen. Her doctor told her about a month ago that she had to stop working. The cancer had spread to her lungs.  Suzanne has served the community for so many years, and has made sure numerous firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, police officers, sheriff's deputies, and all other emergency personnel have gone home to their family after their shift.  She passed away Sept 27 around 1500 hours.  Our address is  Boone County Joint Communications, 17 N 7th St Ste A, Columbia, MO 65201.  Thanks,  Terra A
     ​Jaime Diaz has been a Telecommunicator with our agency for a few years, prior to that he was with Darien.  He is a humble guy and is reluctant to ask for help.  His son has endured much in his young life.  On November 12, 2015, Jaime Diaz 4 yr old son Alex will undergo major spine surgery with a recovery of 6-9 months.  He will need a special wheel chair during his recovery as well as constant care.  Jaime will be taking some time off for the procedure and his son's mom will also miss work.  To help them deal with the cost of care and uncovered medical expenses a friend and family member started a
    Go Fund Me Account for them.  Please consider making a donation, if you can.  Either way,  please keep Alex, Jaime, and their family in your prayers.    Thanks,  Kathleen M. Brown, Glendale Heights Police Department, Communications Supervisor, 300 Civic Center Plaza, Glendale Heights, IL  60139.

    When I left work Saturday night after the Valley Fire in Lake County began, we had several of our people who'd literally run from their homes as the fire came down the mountain towards them. One of our dispatchers called as he drove around looking for a place to stay; his wife had snapped a shot of their home surrounded by flames on all sides. By morning five deputies including a sergeant believed their homes were gone as well. No one can get in to be sure, but some left their houses with flames only yards away and gaining. Every one of them believes their homes are gone. As I drove home that night I looked behind me and saw the horizon lit up red as the fire climbed the hill to our county line, and now it's here too.  If we're just a neighboring county and this is what's happened to us, imagine was Lake County CA is going through. They've lost the towns of Cobb, Harbin Springs, and most of Middletown. They say 1 dead but it came so fast and so many people are unaccounted for, fire is in bringing cadaver dogs once the fire is more contained.
    I'll work on a better location for dispatch, but for now, here's the mailing address for Sheriff Admin:  P.O. Box 489, Lakeport, CA  95453

    Our dispatcher Jennifer Artman, gave birth to premature twin girls in May, both girls eventually came home from NICU and were progressing at home nicely.  This morning Jenn and her husband Ryan lost their beautiful daughter Cecelia Kay.  All things are still preliminary at this moment and we will pass along more info when we are updated with it.  This is a great loss to her, her family and to our entire center.   A family member has created a Go Fund Me Account for Jenn & Ryan. Please send any cards of sympathy and encouragement to Jennifer Artman, 12930 Lee Dr., Meadville, PA 16335.

About the 911CARES Project:  This is a list of 911CARES activations for this year.  Archives of past activations, along with notes and letters from agencies that have received assistance from 911CARES remain available in yearly archives at the end of this list.  We provide updates as they are offered to us. If you have an update, please e-mail it to us!  List is in order of the most recent activations first. Updates will be moved to the top.

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