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    Tammy Shupp, one of our agencies’ most seasoned and dedicated dispatchers, tragically lost her home to a fire while at work at Routt County Communications Center.  While Tammy, her fiancé and three beloved dachshunds are safe, her home is a total loss.  Tammy has dedicated most of her working career to providing superior service and support as a 911 dispatcher to law enforcement, fire / EMS services and the citizens of the community in which she works.  We hope to be able to give back to her in her time of need.  We ask for your thoughts and prayers for Tammy during this time.   She will be doing her best to rebuild her life out of her own pocket.  Any support you are able to give Tammy is greatly appreciated.   A GoFundMe account has been set up at  or mail directly to Tammy Shupp at: PO Box 775473, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.   Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.   Karie Taylor, Communications Specialist III, Routt County Communications

    • Lloyd Fayling has been a mainstay in Michigan with APCO and NENA. He was a big, imposing figure with a booming voice. To be honest, the first time I met him, I feared him. I was speaking at one of their conferences and he invited me to a party boat they had chartered. He ended up being a big teddy bear that loved life, people and the profession. Apparently, Lloyd was working in the yard and was stung by either bees or wasps. His wife tried to administer an epi-pen but it was too late. Lloyd was the Director of Genesee County.  Their address is G-4481 Corunna Road, Flint, Michigan 48532.  Link for the death notice.  
    • Don Aker passed away yesterday during surgery. Don has been courageously fighting cancer for over a year. Many of you know him from classes in Maryland or seeing him at NAVIGATOR. Some of you might remember the fun and loud table sitting next to us at a Mexican DDD in Salt Lake City a few years back. Don loved funky food finds like me and if you got the honor of sitting near him, it as dinner and a comedy show. There wasn’t much that he couldn’t make fun. Don and his team is one of the reasons that PG County is well trained and respected. This year I got to sit across the table from Don at a hole in the wall Crab joint. He offered to drive me to my hotel and on the way home, I got the A+ Annapolis tour. What a quality guy. PLEASE send a card to:  Prince George County 911, attn. Angela in training – 17321 Melford Blvd, Bowie, MD 20715.  Link for the announcement

About the 911CARES Project:  This is a list of 911CARES activations for this year.  Archives of past activations, along with notes and letters from agencies that have received assistance from 911CARES remain available in yearly archives at the end of this list.  We provide updates as they are offered to us. If you have an update, please e-mail it to us!  List is in order of the most recent activations first. Updates will be moved to the top.

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PSTC is committed to the emotional support and recognition of dispatchers.  Proceeds from the sales of 911CARES products help us in reaching those goals but we need your help too.  911CARES means 9-1-1 professionals supporting 9-1-1 professionals.  When we hear of an event or tragedy that affects our family of emergency communications professionals, we will post it here. If you hear of an event where 911CARES can help with emotional support or more, please email us. If you don't hear from us within one business day, please follow-up with a phone call!  Call us at 650-595-5202 x102 or 103!  The pictures to the right are just a few of our 911CARES projects.

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