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    Tara's daughter Kayleetha has passed away after her courageous battle. GoFund Me account.  On March 31st of this year, Tara Cavanaugh received news that her daughter Kayleetha (12 years old) had a tumor in her brain stem and that it had been there for some time.  When they first found out about the tumor the doctors were surprised that she still had full body function and they ran more tests and found out that she had a damaged ear drum and only one working vocal cord.  Kayleetha’s tumor is a large brain-stem ganglioglioma tumor grade I.  Kayleetha had to undergo 4 surgeries in a 2 month span and was told after her first surgery she would not be able to walk for a week and she proved them wrong as she was out of bed within the first 48hours.  She started radiation in July in hopes of shrinking the tumor but they were told that the radiation may in fact make the tumor grow faster.  Since her tumor is in such a delicate area chemo is not an option.  Kayleetha’s doctors are in Rochester, MN which is almost a 1000 mile round trip from Devils Lake, ND.  Since this started in March Kayleetha has had several problems with fainting, walking, swallowing, breathing and so on.  This week she had been in the hospital in Devils Lake because she had double pneumonia because of her problems swallowing.  This morning Tara received a call from the hospital at work and Kayleetha was not conscious and was having seizures.  She has since been flown back to Rochester.  At this time it the outlook is not good so any prayers or special thought would be greatly appreciated and if anyone is willing to send cards of support can be sent to Lake Region Law Enforcement Center, Attn: 911 Dispatch Tara Cavanaugh, 222 Walnut St W, Devils Lake, ND 58301.  Thank you, Starr Kiemetsrud, 911 Coordinator, Lake Region 911 Center
    Philip Allan has been a Mississippi certified dispatcher since November 1996. He lost his son Saturday in a tragic accident.  NEWS ARTICLE:  MAGEE, Miss. —A seventh grader was killed in Simpson County Saturday morning after his hunting rifle accidentally discharged the family said.  The family said Jacob Allen was leaving his grandmother's house when he tripped on some stairs and it caused the rifle to fire.  The family said he and his brother were out hunting early Saturday morning before the incident.  "This was nothing but a freak tragic accident" the family said.  Allen was a student at Magee Middle School and planned to play basketball for the Magee Trojans this coming year.  Philip Allan is currently a dispatcher with Covington County E-911, 203 South First Street, Collins, MS 39428.   At present please add this family to your prayer list.  Thank you for all you do to help dispatcher’s all over America,  Dianne Berry, Operations Management Anaylst Principle,  Office of Standards and Training

    Sheila Ownsbey is a dispatcher with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.  Her career has spanned more than 20 years.  While she has good insurance, it will not cover the need for her 9-year-old son's hearing aid.  This is her story:  My 9 yr. old son Clayton was born with hearing loss in one ear, but it wasn’t discovered until a routine school examination when he was in the 2nd grade.  Due to his hearing loss he has some social skill issues.  When we were notified by the school of his hearing loss, it started a long journey of doctor’s appointments, specialists, MRI scan, numerous hearing tests in sound proof exam rooms, and frustration with lack of insurance coverage.  Then we were limited by hearing aid dispensers for children in our area.  Valley Children’s Hospital became the only dispenser for hearing aids for children in the immediate area and they weren’t able to handle the influx of clientele.  The confusion and lack of information added to the stress of getting the help that Clayton needed.   With today’s economy being what it is, and we being a family that survives pay check to pay check, we are strapped to cover the left over medical bills related to all the various testing and doctors.  We would greatly appreciate any donation to our GoFundMe account that you could make to assist with Clayton’s medical bills.  Thank you.  
    Prayers and support are needed for our dearest friend and 9-1-1 dispatcher who spent her 35 year career caring for others and who is now battling a vicious fight of her own - cancer.  We have created a
    Go Fund Me account for Terri to help raise money for an in home care provider.  Terri Bryan is not only an incredible dispatcher, supervisor and manager, she was a mentor for all those who were fortunate enough to be placed in her care.  Terri was always the first to pick up over time, the first to help someone in need and was never afraid to stand up for her co-workers when necessary.  She was also very proud and never asked for help with anything.  During her off hours she was a single mother to many, many teenage foster children with nowhere to turn, some who were actually adopted by Terri.  When she finally made the choice to retire and devote her time to her foster children, many who became successful young adults under her guidance, she took on the role of caregiver to her ailing sister.  Now, while undergoing cancer treatment she is weak and unable to care for herself.  We are creating a Go Fund Me account to help raise money in hopes that we can give back a small piece of what she gave us.  Terri has given so much to our lives and kept many an officer and responder out of harm’s way that we could only hope this small gesture could somehow portray how much she has meant to all of us.  Whether you know Terri or not, believe that she was an advocate for all, helping to pave the way for others wishing to pursue a career in 9-1-1.  Please help us help Terri – every penny will help!

    Our friend and fellow dispatcher, Chris Bijarro, needs your assistance.  Chris has been a member of the Sugar Land Dispatch family since 2013.  Chris was diagnosed with cancer early this year.   He endured surgery and chemo-therapy in the spring and had to take a leave of absence for nearly three months.  He came back to work at the end of May.  His hair grew back and he felt healthy as a horse.  Although he thought he was in the clear, he learned that he needs to have a second surgery immediately to continue fighting his disease.  He has not been back to work long enough to build up much paid leave time.  His funds will be exhausted very soon.  If that wasn’t enough, he and his wife just welcomed their second son to their family just this week.  Their eldest son is not even 18 months old yet.  You can see that Chris has a lot on his plate and we are hoping you can find it in your heart to help.  The money donated will go to any unpaid medical expenses and to help support his wife and two young boys.  Cards and notes of encouragement can be sent to:  Sugar Land Public Safety Dispatch, 1200 Highway 6 South, Sugar Land, TX  77478.  We set up a
    Go Fund Me Account for Chris after his first surgery with a goal of $10k.  We raised $4,350 then and are hoping that we will reach that $10k goal this time.

    Last night tragedy hit one of our own - Stacy Cole, a 10 year dispatcher (5 here in Missoula County, 5 in Mineral County) was on duty when her house burned to the ground. Her husband, 2 small children and animals made it out safely, but her home and all her belongings are a total loss. The go fund me page is:

    Dispatch Trainee Amber Garrick from the City of Portland (OR) Bureau of Emergency Communications undergoing treatment for Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.  A
    Go Fund Me campaign has been set up for her as several chemotherapies have been unsuccessful and she is faced with the likelihood of having to resort to experimental treatments, which are expensive and not covered by insurance.  More information available at the gofundme page - or please email if you need anything further. Thanks for helping to spread the word!  Jennifer Olson, Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications.
    Suzanne Fred has been a very significant part of so many peoples lives for almost 30 years. She began working for Boone County 911 Center 29 years ago, and has been a supervisor for the past 14 years. She was a very important part of our team. We can't even begin to tell you all the wonderful things about her or just how important she is to each of us.  Suzanne was diagnosed with Pancreatic and Liver Cancer on March 25th, 2015. The prognosis was not the best and they immediately began treatment on March 30th, 2015, and chemo began on April 1st, 2015. She has since received some better news and that the type of cancer she has is rare, appears to be more treatable than they originally thought. We were all relieved to hear the more uplifting prognosis, and to know she's going to be around to take care of us for years to come!!  On April 20th, 2015, Suzanne received a port implant which will be used for her chemo treatments. As most of you know, insurance does not cover enough to take care of her.  Suzanne continued to work and missed as few days as possible. She even came in after chemo treatments. She is one of the most dedicated people our department has ever seen. Her doctor told her about a month ago that she had to stop working. The cancer had spread to her lungs.  Suzanne has served the community for so many years, and has made sure numerous firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, police officers, sheriff's deputies, and all other emergency personnel have gone home to their family after their shift.  She passed away Sept 27 around 1500 hours.  Our address is  Boone County Joint Communications, 17 N 7th St Ste A, Columbia, MO 65201.  Thanks,  Terra A
     ​Jaime Diaz has been a Telecommunicator with our agency for a few years, prior to that he was with Darien.  He is a humble guy and is reluctant to ask for help.  His son has endured much in his young life.  On November 12, 2015, Jaime Diaz 4 yr old son Alex will undergo major spine surgery with a recovery of 6-9 months.  He will need a special wheel chair during his recovery as well as constant care.  Jaime will be taking some time off for the procedure and his son's mom will also miss work.  To help them deal with the cost of care and uncovered medical expenses a friend and family member started a
    Go Fund Me Account for them.  Please consider making a donation, if you can.  Either way,  please keep Alex, Jaime, and their family in your prayers.    Thanks,  Kathleen M. Brown, Glendale Heights Police Department, Communications Supervisor, 300 Civic Center Plaza, Glendale Heights, IL  60139


About the 911CARES Project:  This is a list of 911CARES activations for this year.  Archives of past activations, along with notes and letters from agencies that have received assistance from 911CARES remain available in yearly archives at the end of this list.  We provide updates as they are offered to us. If you have an update, please e-mail it to us!  List is in order of the most recent activations first. Updates will be moved to the top.

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