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PSTC is committed to the emotional support and recognition of dispatchers. Proceeds from the sales of 911 CARES items help us in reaching those goals, but we need your help, too. 911 CARES means 9-1-1 professionals supporting 9-1-1 professionals. When we hear of an event or tragedy that affects our family of emergency communications professionals, we will post it here. If you hear of an event where 911 CARES can help with emotional support or more, please email us. If you don't hear from us within 1 business day, please follow-up with a phone call! Call us at 650-595-5202 x102 or 103!
9-1-1 CARES Activations and Projects

About the 911 CARES Project: This is a list of 911 CARES activations for this year. Archives of past activations, along with notes and letters from agencies that have received assistance from 911 CARES remain available iSherry Butler
Dyersburg 911n yearly archives at the end of this list. We provide upddates as they are offered to us. If you have an update, please e-mail it to us! List is in order of the most recent activations first. Updates will be moved to the top.

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9-1-1 Dispatchers care to be involved...Look for more soon!
11/05/14 Vicki Patterson
Southern CA Geographical Coordination Center
Cancer Support Needed Original Activation
11/03/14 Miles Lewis
Oklahoma City PSAP (OK)
Family Home Lost to Fire Original Activation
09/16/14 Kelly Stenmark
Mt. Shasta PD (CA)
Home Lost to Wildland Fire Original Activation
09/16/14 Jessica Larson Forest Hill (MD) Support Needed Original Activation

Nikki Nixon
LaPorte County RDC (IN)

Support Needed Original Activation

Megan Mcclanahan
California Highway Patrol (San Diego)

Support Needed Original Activation
09/04/14 Melissa "Boggs" Barker
Hamilton County IN

Support Needed Original Activation
08/29/14 David Gonzales
Northwest Central Dispatch (IL)
Support Needed Original Activation
08/25/14 Jordan Oliveria
Southaven Police Dept (MS)
Cancer Support Original Activation
08/11/14 Irena Bones-Gaston
York County (PA)
Cancer Support Original Activation
08/11/14 Jeri Dotson-Modschiedler
Allen County, OH
Cancer Support

Original Activation

07/17/14 Audrey Scott
Redwood City, CA
Cancer Support Original Activation

Marc Mosely
Spartanburg, SC

Lost Home in Lightning Storm Original Activation
07/07/14 Officer Emery
Marion, IL
Tragic Loss of Son Original Activation
06/26/14 Amber Skall
Ventura PD (CA)
Cancer Support Original Activation
05/20/14 Pricilla Kay Ellis
Lawrence County TN
Passing of a Dispatcher Original Activation
05/19/14 Stacy Penn
Prince George County (MD)
Support Needed Original Activation
05/06/14 Anna Coffey
Fort Myers PD (FL)
Cancer Support Needed Original Activation
05/03/14 Alaska Troppers Killed in Line of Duty Support Original Activation
05/03/14 Tanya Pressgrove & Brandy Frye
Shelby County, TN
Passing of Dispatcher's Son Update
04/23/14 Christy Shidal
Hurst PD (TX)
Passing of a Dispatcher

Original Activation


Amber Enge
Jacksonville TX

Support Needed Original Activation
03/28/14 Danielle King-Klaber
Pendleton & Kenton Counties (KY)
Medical Support Original Activation
03/22/14 Karine Manookian
San Leandro PD (CA)
Cancer Support Original Activation
03/20/14 Jaci Blanch
Live Oak TX
Sudden Passing
Support Needed
Original Activation
03/13/14 Sue Williams
Putnam County (OH)
Unexpected Passing
Support Needed
Original Activation
03/13/14 Shelby County Dispatch Family Prayer Warriors Support Needed Original Activation
03/11/14 Taylor Lee
Maryland Dispatcher
Home Lost in Fire Activation
03/01/14 Aleisha Williamson
Carroll County (IN)
Support Needed Original Activation
03/01/14 Cheryl Richman
Peach County 911 (GA)
Support Needed for Daughter Originial Activation
01/30/14 Sue Fleming
Williamson County (IL)
Support Needed Original Activation
01/25/14 Melissa Richardt
Overton/Pickett 911 (TN)
Support Needed Original Activation
12/30/13 Kathy Blagdon
Lincoln County
9-1-1 (ME)
Cancer Support Original Activation
12/10/13 Mike Ritchie
California Highway Patrol (Orange County)
Cancer Support Needed Original Activation

Tina Jones
Odessa PD (TX)

Support Needed Original Activation

San Juan County (NM)

Support for Daughter
Fund Raiser Info
Original Activation
12/09/13 Cindy Henderson
Pima County (AZ)
Support Needed Original Activation

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